Jun 12, 2017

I'm not dead & first kimono related purchase in years!

*blows off dust*

Holy macaroni, this blog has been dead for much longer than I intended, oops. Sorry about it. I never forgot or planned to let it just sink into oblivion but I just... haven't had the time, nor inspiration, to do kimono kitsuke for a long time. Another reason for the silence is just simply that I got sick of (almost) always having to resort to taking shitty mirror photos of my outfits and I felt like it didn't do justice to either my ensembles nor my quality standards. This blog will thus probably continue to stay quiet until I either move into a bigger apartment or get a photographer who is available to shoot whatever I've thrown together.

But yeah, the reason I'm writing now is to just make it clear that no, this blog is not dead and, secondly, that I actually did my first kimono related purchase in years today! or more like yesterday, since the clock just struck midnight here.

Screenshot of the eBay auction that I won.
Okay, I admit – I didn't buy it first-hand for ordinary kimono kitsuke. I bought it mainly with cosplay in mind, hence why I rejoiced when it's cotton and not silk because that will make it much more comfortable and worryfree to use for cosplay, aka I can wash it easier if it gets dirty and I don't have to pay extra attention to my surroundings when I'm wearing it etc. The hakama also looked to be in very good condition on the photos, now to wait for it to arrive so that I can inspect it! It's a bit shorter than ideal length for me but I actually think that's only good when it's going for cosplay use
– less risk to get the hem dirty if weather is less-than-ideal and such. Anime character often seem to have too short hakama anyway, lol.
In case anyone is curious I plan to use it to upgrade my Battousai Kenshin cosplay (Rurouni Kenshin) and Yamato no Kami Yasusada (Touken Ranbu) so yeah, if you want to see those costumes be sure to keep an eye out on my cosplay blog. ;) 

One fun thing with the bidding was that I bidded when there was less than a minute left, with a mindset of "let's try placing a low bid and see if I'm lucky" and thus I'm pretty damn sure that I wrote like 7 GBP and watched the seconds roll. Just before the auction ended someone tried to snipe me and the price jumped to the final price (24,66 GBP) and, much to my confusion, I still had the max bid. My initial reaction was "oh shit, what the fuck just happened?" and after some panicking I realized that somehow eBay bugged or something, I guess. It could very well have been my laptop though since my browser is old and few sites function normally nowadays, lol. I went in afterwards and noticed that my max bid was listed at 75 GBP (!!?!) so yeah, thank God whoever tried to outbid me didn't want it that badly. xD What I ended up paying for it was more than what I initially was willing to pay but after some quick thinking I came to the conclusion that it's quite a decent price for what I got and I've been looking for a hakama like this for years. My student wallet can deal with the price since it's still a bit below where my line of pain goes, lol. At least now I finally have a suitable hakama for my cosplay needs.

That's all for this little sign of life; I might scribble together a post once I receive the hakama. Goodbye!

Feb 23, 2016

Layered men's kimono look – WHITE & RED

Hi everyone out there!

February is nearing its end and this has been a very busy month for me – I've been doing everything from going to anime conventions to having to file a police report because I've become a victim of internet fraud. :( Needless to say I haven't really had time to do any kimono wearing at home.

Today, on 23rd February, I finally got an opportunity to dress up though.
At first I didn't really know what to wear (lack of ideas, hah) but then I thought that I could try out the whole "layered look" thing. I've never done it before but I've seen it in animes etc and some older kimono books (?) so yeah, I guess it's okay to experiment and wear kimono like this?

Obligatory selfie... because I'm fabulous.
I decided to roll with my off-white kimono on top, my dark red kimono with blackish-blue small squares under it and then the wine red kaku obi to keep the whole shebang in place. The juban is my trusty dragon & tiger motif one with black collars. 
I wore a wig because I had a bad hair day. 

As per usual I apologize for the dirty mirror and mirror photos. I wish so bad that I had a photographer easy at hand but yeah, that ain't happening. Until a miracle happens I guess I'm sorry to say but my kimono blog will mainly be this kind of half-crummy mirror selfie shots, lol. Try to deal with it, okay? ;n;

Katabasami musubi.
This photo is taken just after I had tied it and
it was still on the front. Much easier to take a photo that way.
I can tell you that wearing a juban and two awase (lined) kimono on top of each other is INCREDIBLY HOT. This is definitely not anything you want to try on summer. xD It looks rather neat though but yeah, you'll feel like a walking sauna after 10 minutes, lol.
Oh and yeah, because of the extra layers you will –most likely– also end up looking extra fat.

I decided to dry dropping one sleeve to further experiment with the look. I've seen the one-sleeve-down style quite often in video games and it looks really rad and occasionally badass, depending on the character. I don't how socially acceptable this is in terms of actual kimono rules but I guess it's "better" if the undermost layer that is revealed is another kimono and not the juban, aka underwear? Feel free to inform me if you know more about this subject!

One sleeve dropped.

And here's two photos showing what it looks like viewed from the back:

I'm really sorry for the mess in the background but yeah, my apartment hasn't grown in size but my amount of stuff surely has! I swear half my belongings are spilling out from every available closet and cupboard, lol. It's horrible – someone save me and buy me more storage space. XD

Thanks for reading my blog! Feedback is appreciated as always ~

Jan 23, 2016

First kimono outfit of 2016

Hello folks and a belated Happy New Year to you all!

I've been really busy lately because the first anime convention of the year is soon around the corner, school has started again, hospital visits etc. I haven't really had time to do any kimono stuff, sorry. ^^; But today I needed to do a test-run for my new dark brown andon hakama (I need them for an upcoming cosplay) so I decided to quickly try them on with a haori and a dress shirt under. Yeah, I'm doing the whole "mixing wafuku with yofuku" thing again. xD

What I'm wearing this time is a black haori, dark brown andon hakama and a light gray shirt. Oh, and a pair of boots for footwear. Nothing else.

I apologize for the horrible quality of the photo but it was pitch-black outside and I only had my crappy indoor lights to rely on... and no photographer either so yeah, enjoy the mirror photo and the dirty mirror. ._. That's the only photo I've got for this time. I really need a photographer; I'm sick of having shit quality mirror selfies, lol.

Thanks for reading my blog. ^_^ Have a nice day!

Dec 4, 2015


Hello everyone!

I have important news to you! 
I've changed the url address of my kimono blog today, which means that you can't find it on http://valkoinensamuraikimono.blogspot.com anymore.
The new address is here : http://shirokimono.blogspot.com ^_^

I've been wanting to change the name for a couple years now, since the former was way too long and I wanted something that's easier to remember and quicker to write down. With this change I also gave my blog a complete make-over in terms of looks – now it's all new, fresh and inviting! ♥ Looks a lot more lively than before, yay!

So yeah, please go update your blog lists to get notifications about my new blog posts from now on! Blogger might not do it automatically so yeah, I'm giving you guys a heads up. ;)
Thanks and I hope you all continue to follow me! ~
~ Shiro Samurai says byebye!

Nov 29, 2015

KimoNovember – fourth outfit!

こんにちは !

November is drawing to a close and I decided to end the KimoNovember event with a BANG! Yes, I dug out my tattsuke hakama (bakama?) from the depth of my kitsuke storage box and combined them with a cream colored silk kimono and a black haori! 
The kaku obi is synthetic and reversible – one side is light blue and the other side is mustard yellow. I decided to use the yellow side this time since I thought that it would fit the rest of the outfit better. The hakama sport the ichimatsu square patterning and are cream & green tea in color. In some lights the tea color can appear brown, weirdly enough.

Buhuu, sorry for the crummy mirror photo but I have no photographer. :(
Another mirror photo, close-up.
These hakama were a really lucky find at Shinei some years ago; I haven't seen a single one for sale before or after I snagged these for  myself. They are vintage and seem to be made of cotton or something like that – they surely ain't silk at least. They don't feel like any synthetic fabric either.

Close-up of the collars. Notice that you can see the haori's
texture where the light hits on the shoulder.
Obi and hakama knot close-up.

Geta with cream hanao and seigaiha print.
Since it's rare to find this type of hakama I decided to take a couple extra photos to show them off! Feast your eyes on this fabulous creation ~

That's about all I have to show you for this time. ^_^ I'm sad to say that this is the end of my KimoNovember challenge because, even though there's still a few days left of November, I just won't have time because the remaining days are weekdays and I have school to attend. So yeah, this was the final KimoNovember kitsuke getup that you'll see from me this year... but there's no need to shed any tears because hey, there's only one year to go until next KimoNovember and then I'll be back! ;)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Nov 24, 2015

KimoNovember – third outfit!

Hello hello!

I threw together a third kimono outfit for the sake of KimoNovember. This time I took some liberties from kimono rules because I wanted to experiment a little. I hope no kimono purists will come and chase me with their naginatas on fire, lol.

I decided to wear my light purple kimono with white dots all over and wear my asanoha patterned very dark blue yukata as a juban. The main reason for this is that I wanted the collars to pop – I wanted something a bit more flashy than your usual men's kitsuke.
I wore my wine red kaku obi tied in a kai no kuchi musubi; I also added my soft dark gray heko obi underneath it. I used the full width of the heko obi and just wrapped it around myself and then tied the kaku obi on top. I did this to get some more colors into the outfit and to experiment with how it looks. Personally I think it looks cool but I'm curious to hear what others think too!

Mirror photo, full-body.
I'm sorry about the horrible yellow apartment light but yeah, seeing how December is near it means we up here in the north have a strong case of polar night going on – which means very little sunlight per day (we're talking like 3 hours here) and thus I have to rely on really crummy lamp light...
The yellow light washes out the colors quite much and makes them appear more yellow/grayish. :/ The kimono appears very yellow-toned, because of the light, but it's a light violet in real life. I assure ya.

Close-up on the collars. (not mirrored)
I really loved asanoha ever since I first saw it and I was overjoyed when I found this yukata on eBay for quite long time ago! I've always had some kind of "I want to try what it looks like if I used it underneath a kimono" thing going on and now I finally decided to try it out!

Obi. Front. (not mirrored)
Obi musubi. Back. (not mirrored)
I would have had more photos but my camera had low battery and died on me after I had taken these. I should have charged it during the night but I forgot... oops.

I'm once again wearing a wig because my real hair looks horrible right now – it's way overgrown to the point I'm ashamed of it lol. I can't even go outside without wearing a hat etc at all times... 

But yeah, is this look a yay or nay? :'D
I'd love some feedback guys!

Nov 15, 2015

KimoNovember – second outfit!

Hello doods and doodettes ~

I'm definitely not doing the KimoNovember in its purest form, aka wearing kimono every day in November. I just can't do it because I'm busy with school and just have a lot of stuff to do that would be inconvenient while wearing kimono. Besides, polar night is fucking with me, haha. The sun is down before I even get home from school, which makes it really hard to get decent photos of my kimono coordinations during weekdays. I'm left with only weekends to get something together and even so I'm still fighting with a really limited time. Hello sun that goes up 8 in the morning and goes down 2 in the day...
Oh well, I did manage to get something together just in time before the sun was completely down. I don't have a photographer though so I'm limited to mirror photos for full-body pics and then the rest by doing selfies lol. It's not like going outside for a photoshoot is even an option though – I haven't seen the sun for weeks! It's just raining day in and day out and it's constantly wet everywhere. If it's not raining then it's this kind of mixed snow and rain.

Enjoy the super blue light from outside.
Impenetrable cloud-wall 11/10.
The kimono is a kind of brownish red (tile color?) with a chequered pattern on it. I like it because I'm fond of red, especially on kimono for some reason. It's a silk kimono, by the way.
I paired it with a dark plum colored haori and a white kaku obi that I'm currently borrowing from my brother. He let me borrow it for a cosplay but I thought it went nicely with this outfit so yeah, I decided to wear it. The juban is fully white.

Mirror photo.
 I'm wearing a cosplay wig because my own hair looks like crap. It's waaay overgrown to the point that I'm embarrassed to go out in public; I can't do it if I'm not wearing a cap or such lol. I really need to go and get it cut because right now I just look like a silly lion or something...

But yeah, some more detail photos!

Body shot.
Collar close-up. This kinda shows the texture of the fabric too.
Obi close-up.
Err, yeah. I don't really know what more to say except that I'm sorry for the continuous mirror photos when it comes to as close of a full-body view as possible. I wish I had a good photographer but I know no one close to me who can use SLR cameras. :/ Oh well...

I'm sure I'll get at least a couple more KimoNovember outfits done so stay tuned!