May 31, 2012

New kaku obi and geta + new haircut

 Hello everyone!

So today on the morning I went to the hairdresser (who is almost our neighbor) and cut and colored my hair. Sweet, I haven't colored it in ages it's refreshing!
After that I had to go to town for an errand and after that I went to the post office and picked up a package from Yukata kimono market sakura. I was surprised it arrived so fast!
It was the first time I ordered from them. I bought two pairs of black tabi, geta, two koshihimo and a white kaku obi. Yay, finally I have more than one obi! :'D
Okay, so I had to try it with my black vintage tsumugi silk kimono I haven't worn it before because black kimono and black obi would be a bit meh. This kimono is my shortest one, I think, and I need another juban for it because the sleeves keep peeking out all the time... ugh. -.- I noticed this one isn't as wide as my others either but I figure it's okay because I originally bought this for a cosplay anyway.

Oh well, enough talking, now some photos and again I've used a mirror so it looks like I'm wearing kimono wrong way when I'm not. :'D Try to live with it for now; I don't have a photographer available.

Yay new kitsuke stuff! <3
Full body.. it is a bit short but I like it anyway.
I think this is my default expression when I'm taking photos – derp!
Trying to take a side photo..
Only back photo I managed to get, my hands are not steady
today; so many blurred ones...
Geta! (have to get used walking in them first... xD)
Collars kimono is not so wide so it closes a bit lower..?
Trying to look cool or sumthin', I don't know.

Me do not like juban sleeve having its own adventure outside where it should be. :c Need to buy another one... *goes back to eBay hunting*

Bye bye for now!

May 24, 2012

First hitoe!


I got a new kimono in the mail yesterday and well, on Thursdays I have no school, so as soon as I woke up which was pretty late I decided to try it on!
I had a bad hair day so I used a wig again. The obi is the same black one (the one that photographs blue when it feels like it) because it's the only kaku obi I own currently. Please ignore my knitted tabi I have yet to buy proper ones, although I don't know any good and not-so-expensive stores.

Oh, and most photos are mirror photos; bleh, I'm not actually a corpse, mind you.

Interesting to stay turned away from the mirror and then trying to point
your camera so you get a photo without looking where you're actually aiming; it took
some tries to get one that showed my whole back. :'D

Tried to photograph my ass again so that my obi musubi could be
seen it's kai no kuchi again.

Collar close-up.
Hmm, I think that's it.
The kimono is a bit short 5 cm shorter than my ideal kimono length but not too bad I think. I just had to buy it because I love that fukizumi pattern!
I want to try wearing it with hakama and likely haori also, probably black, but I don't own one...

Bai bai!

May 19, 2012

Kemi's comic day and kimono


So, some time ago I got back home from Kemi's comic day. It's a small event for, well, comics and today there was the 4-hour manga part of the event. I attended it because I live close and well, I didn't bother to put on cosplay so I just put on my blue wool kimono ensemble and one of my wigs instead.
It was soooooo cold and strong winds outside; I'm happy I put on my wool kimono instead of silk I was freezing, ahaha.

Full-body mirror shot.
Sorry about the bad photos, I look so weird. OTL
It was a nice mini event and I found a 'new' friend 'new' because she had actually recognized me from earlier events but I have the shittiest face memory ever (promise!) so I've always been like "errr, who are you?" OTL Oh well, we ended up hanging around for the whole day. It was really nice. :) I didn't buy anything, except for Moomin lemonade, yum ~

That's about it, see ya!

May 7, 2012

My kitsuke blog!

 Hello there! Yes, you reading this! ;)
Welcome in!

First off, reservation for bad English ahead because I will be writing this blog in English instead of Swedish or Finnish which are my main languages.

Aaaand yet another blog was made by me this time it will be dedicated to my interest in kitsuke (read: the art of wearing kimono), so if you're interested to read about how I take my first steps out in the kimono life then go ahead feel free to follow me! :D
I will mostly post photos of me wearing kimono, attending kimono meet-ups in the future and talk about my purchases relating to the kitsuke world and whatnot!

See you around, I hope you enjoy the read!