May 24, 2012

First hitoe!


I got a new kimono in the mail yesterday and well, on Thursdays I have no school, so as soon as I woke up which was pretty late I decided to try it on!
I had a bad hair day so I used a wig again. The obi is the same black one (the one that photographs blue when it feels like it) because it's the only kaku obi I own currently. Please ignore my knitted tabi I have yet to buy proper ones, although I don't know any good and not-so-expensive stores.

Oh, and most photos are mirror photos; bleh, I'm not actually a corpse, mind you.

Interesting to stay turned away from the mirror and then trying to point
your camera so you get a photo without looking where you're actually aiming; it took
some tries to get one that showed my whole back. :'D

Tried to photograph my ass again so that my obi musubi could be
seen it's kai no kuchi again.

Collar close-up.
Hmm, I think that's it.
The kimono is a bit short 5 cm shorter than my ideal kimono length but not too bad I think. I just had to buy it because I love that fukizumi pattern!
I want to try wearing it with hakama and likely haori also, probably black, but I don't own one...

Bai bai!

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