May 19, 2012

Kemi's comic day and kimono


So, some time ago I got back home from Kemi's comic day. It's a small event for, well, comics and today there was the 4-hour manga part of the event. I attended it because I live close and well, I didn't bother to put on cosplay so I just put on my blue wool kimono ensemble and one of my wigs instead.
It was soooooo cold and strong winds outside; I'm happy I put on my wool kimono instead of silk I was freezing, ahaha.

Full-body mirror shot.
Sorry about the bad photos, I look so weird. OTL
It was a nice mini event and I found a 'new' friend 'new' because she had actually recognized me from earlier events but I have the shittiest face memory ever (promise!) so I've always been like "errr, who are you?" OTL Oh well, we ended up hanging around for the whole day. It was really nice. :) I didn't buy anything, except for Moomin lemonade, yum ~

That's about it, see ya!

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