May 31, 2012

New kaku obi and geta + new haircut

 Hello everyone!

So today on the morning I went to the hairdresser (who is almost our neighbor) and cut and colored my hair. Sweet, I haven't colored it in ages it's refreshing!
After that I had to go to town for an errand and after that I went to the post office and picked up a package from Yukata kimono market sakura. I was surprised it arrived so fast!
It was the first time I ordered from them. I bought two pairs of black tabi, geta, two koshihimo and a white kaku obi. Yay, finally I have more than one obi! :'D
Okay, so I had to try it with my black vintage tsumugi silk kimono I haven't worn it before because black kimono and black obi would be a bit meh. This kimono is my shortest one, I think, and I need another juban for it because the sleeves keep peeking out all the time... ugh. -.- I noticed this one isn't as wide as my others either but I figure it's okay because I originally bought this for a cosplay anyway.

Oh well, enough talking, now some photos and again I've used a mirror so it looks like I'm wearing kimono wrong way when I'm not. :'D Try to live with it for now; I don't have a photographer available.

Yay new kitsuke stuff! <3
Full body.. it is a bit short but I like it anyway.
I think this is my default expression when I'm taking photos – derp!
Trying to take a side photo..
Only back photo I managed to get, my hands are not steady
today; so many blurred ones...
Geta! (have to get used walking in them first... xD)
Collars kimono is not so wide so it closes a bit lower..?
Trying to look cool or sumthin', I don't know.

Me do not like juban sleeve having its own adventure outside where it should be. :c Need to buy another one... *goes back to eBay hunting*

Bye bye for now!


  1. Nää sun ilmees on kyl niin priceless, vasinki toi happy face XD

    1. XD No se on kyl jotaki niin what is this I don't even xD;

  2. Awesome! :3 May I ask where did yo bought your geta shoes?

    1. If you read my post you would know. I even linked to the store.


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