Jul 23, 2012

Kimono shopping spree!

Hello again!

Sorry for the long silence here on my kimono blog; I've been busy with life and anime conventions and other random crap and just didn't have time for kitsuke. ;_;
Buuuut. I've managed to go on a kimono shopping spree, despite the lack of kitsuke try-outs lately, and these are my latest purchases!

I love Shinei's sales!!!! <3
Okay, so what's on the photo? I'll tell you!
Everything is vintage, unless otherwise mentioned.

• The yellow-brown thing to the far right is a woven silk kimono with a small grid pattern. I bought it for a cosplay and it's way too short to be worn without hakama, but the character I will use it for wears hakama so it's fine. I might wear it for non-cosplay hakama style kitsuke too.
• The black kimono half-way under the yellow-brown one is a formal 5 kamon I think habutae silk one.
• The striped kimono pretty much on the middle of the pic is an odori (synthetic). It has red lining and small red dots 'inside' some of the stripes. It sports the closest to perfect wingspan for me currently. I'm so eager to try this one!
• A new/unused wine red synthetic kaku obi is lying on the odori kimono.
• To the right of the wine red obi is a modern cotton midnight blue kaku obi with a rhombic design.
• Next to the rhombic obi is another kaku obi this one is synthetic and reversible with a really nice woven wave design. It's pretty short so I'll have to see what kind of musubi I can do with it.
• That midnight blue-ish kimono on the left middle is an antique kobai silk 3 kamon Meiji era piece. Oh my god it's so old, the oldest kimono in my collection must be careful with it. *reserves my only current tatoshi for it* ineedmoretatoshi.com
• The black piece under the Meiji kimono is a black ro silk (if I'm not mistaken) 5 kamon haori. It has the same kamon as Hiikata Toshizou and well, me being a history geek I could not pass it up. xD
• To the left, on top of the Meiji kimono, is a new/unused blue-white striped yukata with some swirls. Yay for more casual kimono wearing for a change!
• Bottom left is dark brown silk andon hakama. My first non-budo hakama and also first andon type. Sweeeeeeeeeet. I need more hakamas!

This also means that I'm dying to try these lovely things on and, whenever the rather hectic con summer starts to chill down, I hope I'll have time to actually dress up in kimono again and take photos. YEAAAAAH.

Oops, I forgot one kimono I bought from Shinei before the 'shopping spree'. I don't really have any photos where it's shown off well that 1) I don't look horrid on 2) is non-cosplay. So, yeah.
But it's silk, black bluegray-ish and has vertical stripes on it. I will wear it too so you get to see photos of it sooner or later, as well as photos of all those other recent purchases. Stay tuned!

Bye bye!