Aug 27, 2012

Yukata lounging + haircut again


My day today went like this: sleep > wake up > watch one episode of Hakuōki: Sekkaroku (Okita,1st episode) > prepare to leave for hairdresser > get my hair cut and recolored > get home and put on yukata > play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with bro > eat dinner > watch TV and be in yukata for the rest of the day.
So, basically pretty awesome.

But err, now to the kitsuke itself. I wore my one and so far only yukata with that same wine red kaku obi, because, I love it. xD I didn't feel like putting on anything more proper than a yukata because I felt I wanted to wear it until going to sleep and well, wearing a silk kimono and all gets hot...
Oh, and I kinda semi-failed on the musubi, I'm pretty sure this was the second time I tried to do this, err, heck, I'm not even sure about its official name but I've heard it called "rōnin musubi" – but I'm not sure. If anyone knows the proper name tell me in the comments.

Now, photos ~~
Oh, and ignore my derpy faces and the photo quality. Pretty much everything is mirror photos, I'm not actually dead. lol

Kinda derpy musubi needs more practice...
.. or maybe a slightly longer obi? *hides under rock*
Oh well, at least it did what it was supposed to do keep my yukata closed. xD

That expression, I don't even. Moe boy.
And someone, tell me, how to sit with a yukata without flashing your legs...?!
And lastly a close-up photo to show my hair, although it's really similar to last time I cut it.


Aug 24, 2012

Wine red obi and grays [feat. hat]


So, as you all know I've been ordering a fair bunch of kitsuke items the last months, but, they have all been lying spread out in my room everywhere without being worn. That made me feel like a horrible kimono owner and besides, the last two days I've had this mega "I want to wear kimono, NOW" urge going on so today I decided to hell with it and let's try on some new stuff!

First pics, talk later! Have a few self-taken photos mirror edition, of course!

I LOVE that wingspan. <3
I managed to get my bro to take some outdoor photos, for a change.

The back looks more wrinkly on photo than it did IRL. ._.
Okay so, both the kimono and the obi are from Shinei. Kimono is silk but obi is synthetic. Oh, and yes, it's the I-don't-even-know kimono from the earlier post...The hat my oldest sibling made yeaaaaars ago in school and well, somehow it has ended up in my possession and it's my unofficial "bad hair day" hat as today was the case. x)

I must say, about this kimono, that when I first wrapped it around me I was all "whoa this thing is WIDE". Also when tying the obi I got a blackout for a moment and totally forgot how to do a kai no kuchi musubi. Faaaaaaaaaaail. OTL But I remembered after some few minutes.. so it was okay.

Derrrp, that's it. More to come later ~

Aug 17, 2012

Green, off-white and I don't even know


New stuff from Shinei got picked up from the post office yesterday. Yay!
I don't think my mom and brother are so happy about me swimming in a pool of wafuku soon though; I'm slowly experiencing a shortage of storage space – pffrt, like it's gonna stop me!

My newest kimono friends!
To the left is a dark green silk kaku obi, I will use it for a cosplay as well as kimono kitsuke. In the middle is a black-gray-purple-blue--, what is this I don't even kimono. I seriously don't know what color it is, in indoor light it looks pretty much dark grey but in outdoor light, if tilted a bit, it turns seemingly dark purple?? Seems mostly gray though. Oh well, it is pretty much my ideal kimono length 1 cm away, no biggie and has an awesome wingspan too, so I love it anyway. xD Oh, and it's silk.
The white-ish kimono to the right is synthetic. It has an off-white base color and some small grayish repeated geometric patterns all over it, which makes it look gray-white upon closer inspection.

I'm still waiting for a montsuki kimono and haori set, it should have arrived before these because I ordered it earlier. *shrugs* Oh well, we'll see. I might have to contact and ask Shinei if it doesn't show up in the next week or so...

Nothing else to say! Bye bye!

Aug 7, 2012

White is the shit!


I went and picked up these two kimonos from the post office in town yesterday; there's more arriving any day soon ~ *coughshineicough*

The one to the right is an off-white silk juban, although it's stained to the point it can't be worn with normal kitsuke but I bought it with a cosplay photoshoot in mind. More about that I will write in my cosplay blog when the time comes.
The one to the left is a white men's odori with some blue flowing water motif. I really like waves/water motifs and blue and white being two of my favorite colors I just couldn't pass it up even though it had a few subtle stains.

This is what the odori kimono looks like:
(photo by seller)
I still haven't gotten around to wear that earlier pile of kitsuke items, although I hope I will soon. I'm currently sick so yeah, not too happy about it...