Aug 17, 2012

Green, off-white and I don't even know


New stuff from Shinei got picked up from the post office yesterday. Yay!
I don't think my mom and brother are so happy about me swimming in a pool of wafuku soon though; I'm slowly experiencing a shortage of storage space – pffrt, like it's gonna stop me!

My newest kimono friends!
To the left is a dark green silk kaku obi, I will use it for a cosplay as well as kimono kitsuke. In the middle is a black-gray-purple-blue--, what is this I don't even kimono. I seriously don't know what color it is, in indoor light it looks pretty much dark grey but in outdoor light, if tilted a bit, it turns seemingly dark purple?? Seems mostly gray though. Oh well, it is pretty much my ideal kimono length 1 cm away, no biggie and has an awesome wingspan too, so I love it anyway. xD Oh, and it's silk.
The white-ish kimono to the right is synthetic. It has an off-white base color and some small grayish repeated geometric patterns all over it, which makes it look gray-white upon closer inspection.

I'm still waiting for a montsuki kimono and haori set, it should have arrived before these because I ordered it earlier. *shrugs* Oh well, we'll see. I might have to contact and ask Shinei if it doesn't show up in the next week or so...

Nothing else to say! Bye bye!

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