Aug 24, 2012

Wine red obi and grays [feat. hat]


So, as you all know I've been ordering a fair bunch of kitsuke items the last months, but, they have all been lying spread out in my room everywhere without being worn. That made me feel like a horrible kimono owner and besides, the last two days I've had this mega "I want to wear kimono, NOW" urge going on so today I decided to hell with it and let's try on some new stuff!

First pics, talk later! Have a few self-taken photos mirror edition, of course!

I LOVE that wingspan. <3
I managed to get my bro to take some outdoor photos, for a change.

The back looks more wrinkly on photo than it did IRL. ._.
Okay so, both the kimono and the obi are from Shinei. Kimono is silk but obi is synthetic. Oh, and yes, it's the I-don't-even-know kimono from the earlier post...The hat my oldest sibling made yeaaaaars ago in school and well, somehow it has ended up in my possession and it's my unofficial "bad hair day" hat as today was the case. x)

I must say, about this kimono, that when I first wrapped it around me I was all "whoa this thing is WIDE". Also when tying the obi I got a blackout for a moment and totally forgot how to do a kai no kuchi musubi. Faaaaaaaaaaail. OTL But I remembered after some few minutes.. so it was okay.

Derrrp, that's it. More to come later ~


  1. HATTU HATTU HATTU!!!!! Miksi se on minusta outoa nähä sulla hattu päässä 8D Kiva väriyhdistelmä tuo obi ja Kimono. ja hattu >8D

    1. Hihuhuh, no varmaan siksi ku mä en tyyliin ikinä pidä hattuja! XDDD Kiitos!

  2. Vau... ASJSGHDHF HATTU! xD Se sopii tosi, tosi hyvin, ja kimonon kanssa vielä paremmin. Obi viimeistelee kokonaisuuden ja väriyhdistelmä on <3 8DD


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