Aug 7, 2012

White is the shit!


I went and picked up these two kimonos from the post office in town yesterday; there's more arriving any day soon ~ *coughshineicough*

The one to the right is an off-white silk juban, although it's stained to the point it can't be worn with normal kitsuke but I bought it with a cosplay photoshoot in mind. More about that I will write in my cosplay blog when the time comes.
The one to the left is a white men's odori with some blue flowing water motif. I really like waves/water motifs and blue and white being two of my favorite colors I just couldn't pass it up even though it had a few subtle stains.

This is what the odori kimono looks like:
(photo by seller)
I still haven't gotten around to wear that earlier pile of kitsuke items, although I hope I will soon. I'm currently sick so yeah, not too happy about it...


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