Aug 27, 2012

Yukata lounging + haircut again


My day today went like this: sleep > wake up > watch one episode of Hakuōki: Sekkaroku (Okita,1st episode) > prepare to leave for hairdresser > get my hair cut and recolored > get home and put on yukata > play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with bro > eat dinner > watch TV and be in yukata for the rest of the day.
So, basically pretty awesome.

But err, now to the kitsuke itself. I wore my one and so far only yukata with that same wine red kaku obi, because, I love it. xD I didn't feel like putting on anything more proper than a yukata because I felt I wanted to wear it until going to sleep and well, wearing a silk kimono and all gets hot...
Oh, and I kinda semi-failed on the musubi, I'm pretty sure this was the second time I tried to do this, err, heck, I'm not even sure about its official name but I've heard it called "rōnin musubi" – but I'm not sure. If anyone knows the proper name tell me in the comments.

Now, photos ~~
Oh, and ignore my derpy faces and the photo quality. Pretty much everything is mirror photos, I'm not actually dead. lol

Kinda derpy musubi needs more practice...
.. or maybe a slightly longer obi? *hides under rock*
Oh well, at least it did what it was supposed to do keep my yukata closed. xD

That expression, I don't even. Moe boy.
And someone, tell me, how to sit with a yukata without flashing your legs...?!
And lastly a close-up photo to show my hair, although it's really similar to last time I cut it.



  1. Sounds like a great day. xD
    I like the new hairstyle, even though it's just the old one recut like you said. Well, it still looks good. >8D And the yukata is nice too. That obi's color is so... <3 8DDD

    1. Thanks! 8D
      It's pretty much like the old one.. although I think my bangs are a bit shorter than last time.
      I love that obi color too! <3


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