Sep 29, 2012

I'm freezing my ass off – wool kimono! [pt.2]


After those self-taken pictures from yesterday I kept the kimono on. My mom and brother came home some time after I had taken those earlier photos and I must say I think this was the first time in my life when mom didn't comment on my kimono wearing at all. She didn't say a thing; I was set on her at the very least asking why I'm dressed up but nope, she didn't.
Hmm, I think she's starting to get used to me randomly wearing a kimono at home, ahaha~

Me and my bro decided to chill and play some tv-games together pretty late at night. It was a lot of fun and we took a few photos too.

Nintendo Gamecube. <3
lol my obi disappears because I bend forward so much when I sit..
Lemonade makes you go 'round ~
The one who can see what game it is gets a virtual cookie! ;)
(my "sword basket" can be seen in the background you can spot a
shinai, bokken, katana and some cosplay swords in there)
Nothing more for now, I hope I'll get to wear kimono soon again. Bye!

Sep 28, 2012

I'm freezing my ass off – wool kimono!


I've been freezing a lot this week always cold hands, cold toes, cold everything.
So today, after I had done the cleaning, I had gotten enough of barely feeling my toes so I thought "to hell with freezing, wool kimono to the rescue!" and you know what? I'm feeling all warm and cozy right now – awesome!
I really don't like how where I live –in northern Finland on the few latest mornings there has only been maybe 2-5 °C outside. Ugh, winter is coming...

Oh, excuse me about the mirror photos again; no photographer. Sorry for the bad lighting and slight blurriness on mostly everything too. Meh.

I think this is my 'floppiest' kaku obi. *shrugs*
Just showing wing span not perfect but I think it's pretty decent.

... I dunno. XD

Not so much else to say ~

Sep 24, 2012

Clarifying some things about my two blogs

First of all, I'm sorry for the silence here but as you might or might not know besides having a kimono hobby I also cosplay. Sometimes my hobbies intertwine.
I've decided to not mix my two blogs together or cross-post about the same thing in both blogs, so any kimono/hakama/obi/whatnot I buy for the sake of cosplay as my main reason I won't post about here in this blog unless I wear it without, well, cosplaying. Then it's a totally different matter and will be treated as any other kimono item I own.

I intended this blog to be for my non-cosplay kimono kitsuke, but if I wear kimono without dressing as a specific character to an anime event it goes here, for example like this post about Kemi's comic day.
So basically, any non-cosplay kimono kitsuke goes here with or without wearing a wig and kimono kitsuke on which I'm portraying an existing character goes in my cosplay blog. Sorry if it's confusing.

For those who haven't been following my cosplay blog but are interested in vintage kimono usage in cosplay please do take a look at my cosplay blog! ;)
~My cosplay blog~

That'll be it! See ya later!!