Sep 24, 2012

Clarifying some things about my two blogs

First of all, I'm sorry for the silence here but as you might or might not know besides having a kimono hobby I also cosplay. Sometimes my hobbies intertwine.
I've decided to not mix my two blogs together or cross-post about the same thing in both blogs, so any kimono/hakama/obi/whatnot I buy for the sake of cosplay as my main reason I won't post about here in this blog unless I wear it without, well, cosplaying. Then it's a totally different matter and will be treated as any other kimono item I own.

I intended this blog to be for my non-cosplay kimono kitsuke, but if I wear kimono without dressing as a specific character to an anime event it goes here, for example like this post about Kemi's comic day.
So basically, any non-cosplay kimono kitsuke goes here with or without wearing a wig and kimono kitsuke on which I'm portraying an existing character goes in my cosplay blog. Sorry if it's confusing.

For those who haven't been following my cosplay blog but are interested in vintage kimono usage in cosplay please do take a look at my cosplay blog! ;)
~My cosplay blog~

That'll be it! See ya later!!

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