Sep 29, 2012

I'm freezing my ass off – wool kimono! [pt.2]


After those self-taken pictures from yesterday I kept the kimono on. My mom and brother came home some time after I had taken those earlier photos and I must say I think this was the first time in my life when mom didn't comment on my kimono wearing at all. She didn't say a thing; I was set on her at the very least asking why I'm dressed up but nope, she didn't.
Hmm, I think she's starting to get used to me randomly wearing a kimono at home, ahaha~

Me and my bro decided to chill and play some tv-games together pretty late at night. It was a lot of fun and we took a few photos too.

Nintendo Gamecube. <3
lol my obi disappears because I bend forward so much when I sit..
Lemonade makes you go 'round ~
The one who can see what game it is gets a virtual cookie! ;)
(my "sword basket" can be seen in the background you can spot a
shinai, bokken, katana and some cosplay swords in there)
Nothing more for now, I hope I'll get to wear kimono soon again. Bye!


  1. You look so sleepy, hahah ~

    Mariokart Double Dash!! But I knew it. Is this cheating? I can see Rainbow Road here :'D

    1. Well, it was late. xD (and the bad lighting doesn't make it better..)

      I told you on Skype yesterday so.. yes, kind of. XD *nods* It is Rainbow Road indeed on that select screen.


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