Sep 28, 2012

I'm freezing my ass off – wool kimono!


I've been freezing a lot this week always cold hands, cold toes, cold everything.
So today, after I had done the cleaning, I had gotten enough of barely feeling my toes so I thought "to hell with freezing, wool kimono to the rescue!" and you know what? I'm feeling all warm and cozy right now – awesome!
I really don't like how where I live –in northern Finland on the few latest mornings there has only been maybe 2-5 °C outside. Ugh, winter is coming...

Oh, excuse me about the mirror photos again; no photographer. Sorry for the bad lighting and slight blurriness on mostly everything too. Meh.

I think this is my 'floppiest' kaku obi. *shrugs*
Just showing wing span not perfect but I think it's pretty decent.

... I dunno. XD

Not so much else to say ~


  1. Awesome!! XD You look so bored on that 6th pic. It's like you endured 2 hours phonetics course lol
    Love your pics <3

    1. I look more or less bored/tired on all pics, bad lighting and my face being derp.. that's why. XD


    2. Your face isn't derp. XD
      And you're welcome ~


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