Oct 2, 2012

Almost forgotten, silky and gray ~

Hi there!

Today I felt like dressing in kimono again heck, this whole week is a great excuse to wear kimono every day at home! I don't need to go to school for some reasons, I have school tasks to do at home though. 
I had first planned to use my dark striped kimono but then I remembered that I had almost forgot that, for some time ago, I bought a gray silk kimono from Shinei. I hadn't even opened it from the plastic bag it came in and now I really wanted to try it on. When I touched it I was almost floored.

This kimono is the silkiest softest thing I've ever laid my fingers on, oh god! ;u;
It seems to be thinner than all my other kimono too not heavy at all. It has this delicate feel to the fabric and flows very nicely.
I decided to pair it with my green silk kaku obi (the same one I used for this cosplay) and I think I rather like these together. Only thing that bothered me was the juban sleeves peeking out, again. Agh.

Oh well, here's some photos ~
Excuse me, mirror photos again (like usual) and my hair looks quite messy.

I dunno~
I was adjusting my collar.. *khrm*
Side view.
Katabasami musubi. I haven't done this one much at all...
Wingspan show-off. :'D
I think I might wear kimono more times this week, hehehe golden chance when I'm alone most of the day!
Oh and by the way! Mom bumped into me wearing kimono again. She didn't question it this time either; I think she has grown used to me derping around at home dressed in "weird stuff" by now. :'D

That'll be it, goodbye!


  1. I realized I've probably seen you wearing wafuku more than I've seen you in typical everyday clothing. xD It suits you though~

    And that bonus pic is just so cute and funny at the same time.

    1. Hahaha that is veeery likely. XD Thank you~ <3

  2. Kimono really suits you well, you look very handsome ~ (and tired. ^^; )
    But what's with that bonus pic smile? XD (it's so rare you post a pic of you smiling ^^)

    1. Thank you! (I seemingly look tired 24/7 IRL, everyone always say that.. guess it's because I always have dark crap under my eyes)
      Well, I have no clue.. it just happened wtf. XD

  3. Kolmanneks vika kuva ja bonuskuva AIVAN ihaniaaa :DDD Ja kaikki muutki :DD :333


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