Nov 13, 2012

Dark copper stripe kimono kitsuke!

 Oh hello!

Since last weekend I've been having an urge to dress in kimono. Luckily on Tuesdays I don't need to go to school, because the only class I have is an independent course for me at least it is. So when I woke up (which was slightly late) I noticed I was home alone and well, the rest you can guess ~

I decided to wear my striped dark blueish-something-I-dunno silk kimono because I haven't really done proper kitsuke with it, even though it's one of my very first kimonos.
I wanted to try it with my new white juban because I've noticed my only other juban has a too dark collar for the striped kimono the colors are too close to each other so it just, you know, blends in. Meh, needs a more contrasting color I think, hence white juban.
When I got to the obi choosing phase it hit me that I really need some more colors! I only have a white one, a fully black one, a darker green one and a wine red one and the rest is some funky odori kaku obi like stuff like with crashing waves and sayagata patterns. I don't really know if combining odori items with non-odori items is a no-no anyway I have a feeling that it is? If someone knows for sure inform me!
I do find it quite weird though how I don't have a single hakata (kenjo-gara) kaku obi... yet. *shrugs* Oh well, I decided to go with my white obi... I think it's turning into my default choice.

While dressing I ran into the rather common "peeking juban sleeves" problem and went and grabbed two of mom's larger snap-on hair clips, folded the juban sleeve slightly on top of itself and just temporarily fastened them like that with the clip. Worked like a charm and left no marks! :'D

Enough talk time for some photos!
Sorry, it's mirror-photos again, except for the two last ones... and my hair is a mess.

When you get tired of taking photos the normal way...
(aka I look like a monkey)
Geta close-up.
How the heck do you sit in kimono without flashing your juban
and still being comfortable? LOL

 I still have more photos! Hang on!
Yep, this is a photo-filled post for a change! Enjoy it while it lasts ~ x)

I look so concentrated, wut.

It still remains a challenge to get a decent photo of your ass.. lol.
This obi is a bit too soft to do a proper kai no kuchi musubi with, kinda.
It likes to do weird things.. like tilting upwards and that smaller end likes to shift if I tie it even the slightest bit tight..

Flash photo to show off the fabric's structure. It's no mirrored!
It has this dark blue-purple-blackish body with copper stripes and
those... wispy things.. all over it.
Outside photo. Shows colors more accurately.
As you might notice the sun was already starting to set, hence the harsher lighting. The sun is set now at this writing moment and the clock is 16:30, getting dark. In northern Finland when we go towards winter the sun sets earlier and rises later, aka winter months are at the worst, with only a few hours of sunlight each day.

The wing span is a bit short but nothing ridiculous I think; it's pretty decent.
I like this kimono, I want to wear it more with different coordinations in the future but first, I need more obi. xD At least a blue and gray one.. and a slightly lighter brown would be nice too!

I think that's it for today. Goodbye!


Here's a photo on which I'm smiling.. at least slightly. Say poo!
Because I have "neutral face" on all other published photos lol.

Bye, for realz!


  1. Striking thing is how concentrated you look when taking pics... Serious business man. Serious. XD
    Also this kimono is very nice, it has sober colors which do not look boring and when you take a closer look at it it's beautiful ~
    And your hair's just fine, it looks like Saitou's from Hakuouki but brown. Anime style ftw ^_^

  2. Kimono kitsuke is serious business. xD
    Yup, thanks!
    Well.. it kinda is cut the same way as Saitou's hair so no wonder.. x) But it has grown a bit now, need to cut it shorter soon again, haha.

    1. It is XD
      Welcome ~
      Ah, long-ish hair becomes a pain really fast. You could totally do Okita's style (again). lol

  3. Proffsig du har blivit på att ta foton av dig själv. Den där du sitter är finast, tycker jag.

    Börja gå med kimono i skolan med. Sista året så vad har det för skillnad om du skämmer ut dig. Inte för att jag tycker det är att skämma ut sig. Tufft ju.

    1. Ååh tack!

      Hmm.. har faktiskt funderat på det måste man ju erkänna. Men det du säger har ju sanning i sig.. går ju sista året så orka bry sig om någon tycker man är skum nudå, spela roll när man sen ändå går ut. XD Och håller med, bara tufft ju!

  4. I like the combo. The white collar/obi/geta straps gives a nice contrast^^

    1. Thank you! I like using contrasting colors. ^^


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