Nov 23, 2012

Friday kitsuke

Two posts in one day? Yup, because I can!

Yup, after I got home I decided to do some kitsuke practice this time with my only hakama because I've been having some brain bugs and forgot how one part of the hakama tying exactly went; managed to figure it out though!
I also tried out ichimonji musubi for the first time for hakama wearing, although I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the, err, "samurai badonkadonk”, so to speak. LOL

Also, the kimono is not actually mine, I bought it for my bro (who has a slight kimono interest) but when I took it out of the package to take off the basting threads I couldn't resist trying it on because it's PURPLE. And it doesn't seem too short for me length-wise at all, which I had thought it would. It's almost like I want to keep it.
Please excuse the peeking juban sleeves (my own juban + bro's shorter kimono = derp), I'm fighting the eternal fight against peeking juban sleeves. xD
The hakama are my only current hakama by the way, aka my dark brown silk andon hakama... needs moar hakama ~

Again sorry for terrible lighting on the photos it gets dark here so fast now and pretty much all lights in our house is yellowish and just tends to make photos taken inside after the sun has set or is setting bad. 
Again mirror photos. Home alone.
Oh, and don't ask what's up with my hair when I woke up it flipped like that and it has been doing that the whole day, even though I tried to comb it down several times!

I had to sit down because my feet started to hurt out of nowhere; felt like
I would fall if I wouldn't sit down 3-2-1-NOW. Weird.
Well, I did almost faint this past Wednesday morning and stayed home from school so.. *shrugs*

Hakama knot close-up.
I dunno what's with that face but star-shaped Christmas pastries are awesome. <3
"forgot-to-turn-off-flash photo" which turned out surprisingly cool...
This purple kimono was listed as silk (woven) but the more I feel it the more I start to wonder if it's really silk. It feels different from my silk hakama and pretty much all my other silk kimono items; it doesn't have that smooth touch to it and it's totally matte doesn't shine at all. But then again, I'm not good at telling fabrics apart. Oh well, whatever it is it's awesome anyway.

Close-up photo of the fabric. (seller's photo)
I hope I can wear this coordination again in better light, because this time the lighting was a total poop. I would also like to use a haori but I have no silk haori, except for a montsuki... yet.

Bye bye!


  1. Looking good in your twin's kimono! XD OMG those star-shaped Christmas pastries look so delicious~

    1. Hahah thanks. xD
      They are delicious! You should try someday! (I dunno if they even exist outside Sweden/Finland though..)


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