Nov 26, 2012

I have no idea but.. chocolate!


No school today so, after I finished one artwork commission, I decided to try on my tattsuke hakama before it got too dark.
I'm not too sure how and with what you are supposed to wear these hakama really they are cotton by the way. I can't find anything on the internet either so I just paired it up with my only brown kimono I have, which is silk, because I thought said hakama would look good with a dark brown kimono. *shrugs* Speaking of brown.. while I was dressing I couldn't help but think of chocolate because, well, yeah, that's a mystery for you to solve or not. ;) Oh, and I used my white kaku obi again tied in a katabasami musubi.

Now for some photos, excuse me but it's mirror photos as usual. Also some photos have a blur going on.
I colored my hair yesterday so for now I'm going to say it actually looks fine instead of a mess, haha..

Obligatory weird ninja-feet-pose.

Tattsuke hakama in outdoor light. Pretty color accurate (it's not white, it's cream)
Back view.

Hakama knot close-up.
That's it for today, I'm off!


  1. Chocolate with vanilla cream... mmmm...

    Looking good thou^^

  2. So cool!! You made the weird hakama look epic, yay! ^_^

  3. Hello,
    My name is Vika and I'm helping managing Kimono Fans Indonesia page in Facebook. This is the link:
    I'm intended to post some short paragraphs about hakama and I found out that you have a gorgeous ensemble that you posted in Immortalgeisha that redirected me into your blog. The hakama is really unique ^w^.

    I'm asking your permission to use your photo into our page. Thank you for your consideration, White Samurai-san ^w^.

    1. Hello,

      Yes, you can get my permission for this. I would appreciate if you linked back to my blog in that post. :) Also, please do show me it when you're done!


    2. It's done ^w^.
      Please check in here:
      And thank you, Samurai-san, for the fabulous picture of your hakama ;).
      I'm looking forward for your another kitsuke.


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