Nov 14, 2012

Rare hakama saves the day + wool haori


My day today I will sum up with a rage comic I just made and yes, it's kimono related! Let's go!

Basically, my day today had a shit-level of over nine thousand and well, I decided to browse Shinei just to get myself thinking about something else and I found these totally awesome rare hakama I hadn't seen when browsing Shinei on the morning earlier!
It was super cheap and in excellent condition too! How could I resist? I've never seen anything like it for sale before!

I'm not 100% sure but I think it's tattsuke hakama.
(photo by seller, aka Shinei)
I've been wanting some rather bold kitsuke items lately, especially with ichimatsu (checked pattern) because there's just something I like about it. I want to experiment with some styles I've felt inspired by the last weeks me being an artistic person I sometimes get these urges to try out new styles, to find what fits me.
You'll see what I have in mind one day ~

I also decided to add a midnight blue wool haori (again, very cheap) to the same package because I would save a bit on shipping. Wool is awesome, especially when you live in an over-cold place like Finland; I hope we don't get a whole week of -30 °C this winter too...

(photos by seller)
Can't wait to get these!

Now back to the rage subject once more. One of the things that crapped up my day was that my latest kimono package not this one I just ordered from Shinei got stuck in the customs... in Vantaa.
Fucking 720 km away from me! FFFFFFUUUUUU!
I've never had Shinei stuff getting stuck in customs before – the heck do my imported stuff always end up there and not in the custom's office 10 km away from me? Makes no sense.
It sucks to have to call/email them in Vantaa to send it up to where I live. OTL
Urghhhh... not cool bro.

Bye for now!


  1. That hakama is so weird. Seriously.
    And this haori... So beautiful <3
    (Hopefully that post office crap will get fixed soon...)

    1. It's awesome. XD But maybe I have a weird taste? LOL
      Me gusta that haori! The lining is so nice! *coughthemountaincough*

      I hope so too... I really don't feel like paying extra customs when I'm short on money anyway...

    2. Nah, it is cool ~
      Yeah, and it's wool. XD
      Know the feeling, I'm short on money too ehehe...

  2. Dat hakama >8DDD *instant love* I didn't know stuff like that actually exists *w*

    1. I know right! <3 It's so rare to find hakama like that!


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