Dec 24, 2012

Kimono'd for Christmas!

 Merry Christmas!

So today is 24th December which, in Finland, is the main Christmas day Christmas food, grave visiting, Santa Claus and presents (but our family hasn't had Santa now for years), Christmas concerts on television, visiting family/relatives etc. On this day my family tends to dress slightly nicer than usual and because I don't really have any nice western clothing it's obviously kimono time for me!
So I did wear two different kimono coordinations today.

This first one I wore during noon, when my maternal grandma and her husband were visiting, and when eating Christmas porridge. It's my silk hitoe fukizumi patterned kimono with a wine red kaku obi and a white synthetic juban. I thought the fukizumi could pass as snow for a Christmas-y feel, haha.

Sorry about the bad photos; bathroom lighting (crappy light everywhere else in the house during winter time..) and mirror edition. The mirror is still dirty too...

I changed back to everyday gear when we went to leave candles to the graves. After that we went back home (grandma still with us), ate some Christmas pastries and then started preparing for the traditional Christmas dinner after grandma left.
I went and changed back to kimono again; the obi stayed the same but I decided to use my striped odori kimono for the first time, because I wanted something a bit bolder for this occasion and, besides, it happens to have a red lining and some red dots on it! As we all know red is probably the most Christmas-y color so it felt like a nice choice. Mom actually likes this kimono a lot it seems, haha.

It's mirror photos again, sorry!

If you look closer you can see the red dots.
Actually, I was wearing a Santa hat most of the time I gave out the presents too together with my bro so here's a bonus photo! Merry Christmas ~!

Sorry about my weird face... x)
Bye bye!

Dec 21, 2012

If the world was to end today...

... I would wear kimono.

Not like I believe in that humbug, but I wore kimono anyway.
I don't have so much to say about this coordination the kimono is the same "copper stripe" one I was wearing here and the kaku obi is the light blue one I wore in my last post, except turned the other side which is this dark-gold-brass-ish-something color. Yes, the obi is reversible.

Sorry, mirror photos... and the mirror is dirty on the first 3 photos too. ._. Gomen.

I don't have a full-body picture this time. I was wearing black tabi as usual. Hmm, I think I need to cut my hair soon again, it's starting to get long.. not sure if gusta.
Nothing else to say really, except that I'm looking forward to Christmas; I might wear kimono hehehe...

See you!

Dec 15, 2012

Everything blue!

Hi there!

I've been wearing wool kimono today after I finished helping with cleaning the house. Comfy, cool and warm what more reasons do you need?

During winter time my camera seems to suck because I can't manually adjust shutter speed and aperture and stuff, so the photos are really dark and just, you know, eeew. Sorry about that. *shrugs*
My camera also fucks up the colors pretty much everything in this kitsuke is actually different shades of blue, like shown on the last photo.

My brother took these so they are not mirrored at least, yes!

Katabasami musubi.
The real colors are more like this:

Flash photo.
I don't really have so much more to say. Have a nice weekend ~

Dec 6, 2012

Finland's Independence Day kitsuke!

Hello there!

So it's Finland's Independence Day today, which is a very celebrated day here.
The TV shows documents about the war against Russia for Finland's independence etc. So I got home early today (had to go to school because I study in Sweden, even though I live in Finland...) and I've been watching a bunch of 5-minute war memory video recordings of war veterans telling about the war most were saddening but interesting to listen to, but there was this one old man who seemed to have a humorous nature and his explanations made everyone in our house laugh! Sure it was rather rough and stuff but he explained it in such a way it eased the mood. :')

Mom told me to dress nicely some hours before that and nicely equals kimono to me I don't really have any other nicer clothes, haha.
I decided I wanted to wear Finland's colors and so my white odori kimono with dark blue designs seemed like the obvious choice; I wanted something more festive. I paired it up with my new light-ish blue & mustard kaku obi I received yesterday – showing off the blue side, of course.

Excuse me for the crummy photos, bad lighting and that my hair is herpderp. 


This is not a mirrored photo.
I've also been helping mom to make a nice dinner, namely fixing the table and peeling carrots lol. I noticed when peeling carrots that the kimono sleeves got in the way all the time so I went "fuck this shit" and fetched a contemporary sash aka tasuki to tie the sleeves back with. It worked surprisingly well, although the sash I used was too long not like it was a problem though.

Here's a photo I took quickly while I had the sleeves tied, seen from the back:

I look weirdly fat on this pic, sorry about that. x)
Musubi close-up. This photo is not mirrored.
I don't have so much more to say; I'm kinda busy watching "Linnanjuhlat" right now it just started!
Time to spend some time with my family. 

Bye bye!