Dec 15, 2012

Everything blue!

Hi there!

I've been wearing wool kimono today after I finished helping with cleaning the house. Comfy, cool and warm what more reasons do you need?

During winter time my camera seems to suck because I can't manually adjust shutter speed and aperture and stuff, so the photos are really dark and just, you know, eeew. Sorry about that. *shrugs*
My camera also fucks up the colors pretty much everything in this kitsuke is actually different shades of blue, like shown on the last photo.

My brother took these so they are not mirrored at least, yes!

Katabasami musubi.
The real colors are more like this:

Flash photo.
I don't really have so much more to say. Have a nice weekend ~


  1. Yes, kimono are so comfy and warm to wear during the winter. :] Looking good, my friend - that color looks fab on you!

    P.S. I am so jelly of your sexy black hair. xDD sjkfl;sjkla;dfj

    1. So much. :) Blue is one of my favorite colors too!

      skjgdgskj;djkd thank you. XD

  2. You should wear a kimono for Christmas! :3 Really? Same here, along with the colors black and red. XD

    You're welcome!

    Keep on being dead sexy in your photos! XDD alsjdfkasjl;jdfl

    1. I'm actually planning to ~
      Yup, same here! My fav colors are black, white, blue and red trololo.

      I try. XD LOL ahdjsgagj;shkjs


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