Dec 24, 2012

Kimono'd for Christmas!

 Merry Christmas!

So today is 24th December which, in Finland, is the main Christmas day Christmas food, grave visiting, Santa Claus and presents (but our family hasn't had Santa now for years), Christmas concerts on television, visiting family/relatives etc. On this day my family tends to dress slightly nicer than usual and because I don't really have any nice western clothing it's obviously kimono time for me!
So I did wear two different kimono coordinations today.

This first one I wore during noon, when my maternal grandma and her husband were visiting, and when eating Christmas porridge. It's my silk hitoe fukizumi patterned kimono with a wine red kaku obi and a white synthetic juban. I thought the fukizumi could pass as snow for a Christmas-y feel, haha.

Sorry about the bad photos; bathroom lighting (crappy light everywhere else in the house during winter time..) and mirror edition. The mirror is still dirty too...

I changed back to everyday gear when we went to leave candles to the graves. After that we went back home (grandma still with us), ate some Christmas pastries and then started preparing for the traditional Christmas dinner after grandma left.
I went and changed back to kimono again; the obi stayed the same but I decided to use my striped odori kimono for the first time, because I wanted something a bit bolder for this occasion and, besides, it happens to have a red lining and some red dots on it! As we all know red is probably the most Christmas-y color so it felt like a nice choice. Mom actually likes this kimono a lot it seems, haha.

It's mirror photos again, sorry!

If you look closer you can see the red dots.
Actually, I was wearing a Santa hat most of the time I gave out the presents too together with my bro so here's a bonus photo! Merry Christmas ~!

Sorry about my weird face... x)
Bye bye!


  1. Så fin du var ^^ Gillar verkligen ditt hår! Nu när vi båda är i happis (eller typ) så kan vi väl passa på att träffas? :D

    1. Tackar!
      Hmm joo det skulle nog kanske kunna gå, vi får kolla upp det!

  2. I like the last pic and the middel onecs :3 and..dont throws rocks on my for saying this..youlookTTLYkawaiiinthetomtemössa! I think its goes well with that kimono and maroon obi lol.

  3. Merry Christmas to you too! I'm loving these photos, especially the Santa hat one. XD Your silk hitoe fukizumi patterned kimono is amazing and you look extremely handsome in it. asljflsdjf;klj <3 Good choice of wearing the striped odori kimono as well, since it looks kinda festive with those red dots!

    1. Thank you! xD And Merry Christmas to you too sagjfs;sgjh <3


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