Dec 20, 2013

3 days in kimono


So since Tuesday this week I ended up wearing a different kimono coordination for each following day because, well, I felt like it as well as some other reasons but sssh about that... 

Sorry about the mirror being dirty I know, I should soooo clean it. Some of the photos are not the sharpest either and the background is a mess, as always. Also, I've noticed lately that for some unknown reasons every now and then when I upload a photo to Blogger it will color-rape it, like, really. I mean, the original colors of the photos for some reason get changed (almost always turn uglier to boot, not amused..) when I upload them. I tell you, it's highly annoying and I have no clue if it's even possible to fix but oh well, I just have to deal with it.


• Off-white kimono
• Midnight blue haori
• Dark green kaku obi

I swear I love this kimono (light colors ftw!) and I'm so happy I managed to almost completely get rid of the water stains it had on the shoulders. *victory* 

 Yeah, I am wearing one of my cosplay wigs because bad hair days happen.


(this photo is actually darker.. major Blogger color-rape going on. :DD)
• Dark blueish "copper stripe" kimono
• Reversible golden waves odori obi 

This kimono has to be one of the very first ones I bought. Sure it doesn't look the most interesting from a distance but it's one of these secretly pretty ones when you look at it closely, haha. Also I've never used this side of the odori obi before so I felt like trying it out and come on, it's fab. Also, if anyone's curious about what the other side of this obi looks like then it can be seen here.

Yeah, I am wearing a wig because bad hair days happen. Twice.


• Light brown kimono
• Midnight blue haori
• Blue kaku obi

Yup, this time it's my real hair. Then again it's newly washed and unstyled so it barely looks like anything...

Oh, and I promise this kimono is not yellowish. I tried to get it to photograph its true color but lolnope. This is the closest I managed:

.. and for some reasons it seems to have a greenish tint here. Great. OTL
Actually the stripes are a brownish red and the brown color is more of a caramel brown. I don't know why it goes wannabe mustard or something on the photos but I guess it's trying to tell me about its identity crisis... ._. lol

That's about it, bye bye ~

Nov 19, 2013

Striped hakama and Visual Kei inspired kitsuke

Hello there!

Today I felt like being fabulous and artistic so.. Visual Kei style kimono kitsuke here I come, once again!

Excuse me for the mirror photos and well, that the mirror is dirty... and the background is so messy. Oh and yes, I am wearing one of my cosplay wigs because of semi-bad hair day haha.

I don't really have anything else to say than that it is surprisingly fun to experiment with eye-makeup sure I do everything spontaneously without a specific look in mind so yeah, it's all impromptu but it's still a lot of fun for the artist that dwells in me. Also I'm happy I finally got to wear my striped hakama for the first time. I should wear hakama more often...

Nothing more to say, sayonara ~

Oct 18, 2013

Purple kimono time strikes again!


Today I felt like dressing in kimono because I can. Hey, I don't really need reasons, sometimes the kimono bug just bites me and that's it, neh ~
I felt like being colorful so my synthetic light purple kimono was a "yes please!" choice. Paired it with my reversible light blue kaku obi (other side is mustard yellow) and one of the few haori that I have. It's wool but yeah, it's a bit cold in the apartment right now and the first snow came today wuhuu so why not? My other haori are pretty much formal montsuki ones so.. nope. I really should buy some more haori..

There's not much in the name of photos this time as usual lately but at least something. Excuse me the mess in the background and the amount of photobombing stuff. Oh, and I'm barefoot because it's quite the mission to open the box in which my tabi and obi are and I couldn't find my tabi anyway for the moment because, well, the box is actually keeping one of the beds in my apartment from falling apart. Yes, the bed broke some time ago and the box is keeping it in place so it's hard to move it to get my kitsuke stuff that's inside. I'm pretty much semi-forced to use whichever obi lays on top of the box so to speak lol. Oh well, could always be worse I assume..

Because standing up for kimono pictures is too mainstream ~
And of course I took some obligatory self-photos; mainly to show off my sort-of-new haircut that I've had for a few weeks now. It's the shortest I've ever cut my hair so far but I actually kinda like it like this. Sure I'm used to having my hair a bit longer but this is pretty cool as well, so why not? :)

Nothing more to say, I'll leave you now meanwhile I go eat Hasakitsuki's chocolate pastries that just came out of the oven. Smell ya later!

Sep 27, 2013

Kimono bug bites me on the morning!


I have been wearing kimono lately (mostly for cosplay though) but I just don't end up taking photos lazyyyy and that's why this blog has been semi-dead for a few months. Sorry about that, I should really be more active.
But I just wanted to drop by and say that today the kimono bug bit me so guess what I did? Shame I don't really have many photos and the few I have aren't of good quality because I took them with my older camera, not the SLR so meh. But hey, still pictures!

Sorry mirror photo and crappy light. :<
Sort-of-obligatory self-photo...
Oh and yes, that's a wig. My real hair is getting too long and ugly and I basically have bad hair days everyday. :'DD Good thing that tomorrow I'll go get it cut, about time! Oh and double yes, I'm wearing eyeliner, haters gonna hate ~

See ya!

Sep 6, 2013

Food store + kimono = I did it

 Hello again!

The kimono bug bit me today and so I dressed up in my wool kimono & haori and a lined juban (yes, it's getting cold here in the north already) and guess what? I went out to town to buy some food because the fridge in my apartment is echoing of emptiness.
I had some reasons to wear kimono except for the "because I can!" and that's because, err, you see, I screwed up my right foot a few days ago and since then I've had problems walking; I'm limping around and just stepping with said foot hurts. It's obvious that I'm hurt when I dress normally (jeans and t-shirt) but I figured it probably wouldn't be as blatantly obvious if I wore kimono and besides, it's 20% cooler and comfortable!

So yeah, I totally limped walked into the nearest food store! and it only took like.. forever...
Most of the people who passed by me and Hasakitsuki (who by the way wore a sleeveless trollface shirt! Problem?)
when we were walking noticed I wasn't wearing what everyone else was. But the best reaction must have been the first one namely the guy driving the postal service car; he was staring at me with his mouth hanging open and his eyes were huge! I didn't really look at him but Hasakitsuki did and she mimicked his expression to me afterwards and oh god the laugh we had. xD

All pictures are taken by Hasakitsuki.
Oh, and yes, I'm actually wearing a wig because my hair looks horrid.

Ignore my blank/tired expression.
(and that I'm only wearing one sock, right foot is wrapped in bandages..)
Please don't mind my western shoes; wearing zori wasn't even an option. ;_; I had enough problems (read: pains) just wearing these shoes hell, any shoes. I need to step very carefully on either my heel or on the outer side of the foot or it's gonna hurt, especially if I try bending it. So yeah, limping around super slow for now. I hope it heals soon..

Because it's Friday no Friday without chips!
Just strutting around ~
Not so much more to say; it was fun and I would do it again.. haters gonna hate ~

Aug 12, 2013

I'm black, purple and have fluffy hair!

 Hi again!

Sorry this blog hasn't been very active lately but I've been busy with my cosplay hobby. Also my small apartment has been veeeery crammed lately (it's good if I can even move around) and that's a problem because I store my kitsuke items in boxes under my bed and well, it's so stuffed in here that it's a challenge to even pull out the storage boxes! Yeah, that's a problem, but luckily it won't be this crammed forever and I still have at least one of my yukata more easily accesible, so I'm not totally suffering from kimonoless living I just don't really have photosssss. Oh well, today I wore one of my new-ish yukata as well as styled my hair. I felt like being fabulous so I made my hair all poofy-'n-spiky Visual Kei-ish and wore a rather flashy odori kaku obi. I've actually had this obi for probably over a year now but just haven't worn it yet. Glad to finally wear it, been waiting for a chance to for quite some time!

Just a cellphone mirror photo to showcase my hair's fluffiness better.
(I know, my cellphone is ~ultra gay~ but dad bought it and it was the only color left.. xD)
Except for the hair and fabulous obi I didn't really put any more effort to look Visual Kei-ish... oh wait, I had on a little eyeliner but that's it. Some other day I will be more rrrrrrradical, nyah ~
But for now, more photos! Oh, and if anyone wonders the yukata is black, not dark blue or anything.

Model: Valkoinen Samurai
Photographer: Hasakitsuki 

Lens flares look like Dragon Balls!
This obi is hard to tie it's short, soft, thick and slightly slippery. Best combo.
I don't have so much more to say, ciao ~

Jul 21, 2013

Quick kimono time outside my apartment


Long time no see... or something. I haven't updated this blog in almost a month and that feels a bit, I don't know, weird? I've been busy with cosplay stuff and other stuff too but that doesn't mean that I haven't worn kimono because oh yes, I have! But the problem is that I have no photos of the non-cosplay outfits, sorry.
Oh well, today I felt like kimono-ing (or well, more like "fuck normal clothes"-day) so after I had dressed we went outside to take some photos. It had been raining earlier so me and my photographer decided it's better if we stay where we are shielded from the rain so, yeah. Oh well, enough rambling for now.

Model: Valkoinen Samurai
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

And of course an ass obi musubi photo.. it's not the prettiest but sort-of-okay..
But seriously...

I swear it's the same kimono I wore in this and this! Yeaaaaaah. Go figure.

Oh, and about the lack of photos I'm super picky about photos so I really don't have more than these two that I think are decent enough to put in the blog this time, sorry about that ~

See ya!

Jun 24, 2013

How I saved a kimono with water stains

Welcome in!

First off, some backstory: On 14-16 June I had been at Desucon, an anime convention in Finland. I wore kimono there and so a good majority of all the things I had in my suitcase were kimono stuff. Now the problem is that Desucon is known for always happening to be on a rainy weekend and so on the last convention day, Sunday, just when the convention ended it started raining a shitlot.
I had a carpool with some people from Lahti to Oulu (about 500 km) and then I stayed overnight at Oulu and took the morning train home. Now during the overnight stay in Oulu I noticed that somehow my suitcase had managed to leak or something you know, let in the rain water. Fuck. I arrived past midnight in Oulu so I was too tired to do a proper check but my pyjama t-shirt was wet for sure.
When I got home I took out my stuff and noticed to my horror that my off-white tsumugi silk kimono had these rather large water stains running on top of both shoulders, front and back. You know, when you can see the "wave/line" where the water was. It's a bit more obvious on one side than on the other. I tried taking some photos but it doesn't show up well, it was a lot more noticeable in real life.

It doesn't look that bad on photos (the pictures dull/blend the line into the fabric's color) but it was bad enough in person that the kimono would have been pretty much unwearable. I wanted to try saving it because I had barely gotten to use it before this accident and light colored men's kimono are hard to come by anyway. I did get it cheap and it already had stains on the lining prior to me owning it so I was also ready to count it as a loss, in case I couldn't do anything to fix it. But of course I was still horribly afraid of ruining it even further; but without that much to lose I decided to try and do something.
I checked around online for any kimono care stuff but didn't find much, at least not in English. I asked at Immortal Geisha and got some cool advice there but I decided to try something with the stuff I already had at home first and well, that wasn't much.
I happened to have bought a gardening spray bottle with adjustable spraying options earlier for cosplay purposes but figured it might be useful for kimono rescuing. So I filled it with cold water and screwed the spray option on the "smallest" setting, which means it just does this spray mist thing. With that I took the kimono, hung it up in the bathroom and sprayed around the stains, making sure to just wet it a little and not soak. A few puffs here and there and then I waited and let the water do its work. The water did "move" the stain so it looked like it had become a lot paler but the good thing was that it didn't leave a second water stain/line, or well, maybe it did but in that case it was so faded I couldn't even see it, even if I stared at the garment.
I let the kimono dry with the help of an air conditioner (cold air) for many hours and then folded it away when it was completely dry. A week or so later I took it out and gave it another shot of the mist treatment to see if I could get the water stain even fainter. Hell yeah I could!

Again, photos don't do justice but I swear the stains are a lot fainter than before and I can barely see the water lines unless I look for them in person. Before the saving mission they jumped at my eyes no matter where I looked.

 Saved kimono w00p w00p! <3

Not so much more to say, super easy method worth a try if you get some water stains on a kimono. I have no idea how well this would work on a kimono of other fabrics, with designs on it or dyes or anything but on my solid color men's kimono there were no problems whatsoever, it worked like a charm! Oh, and if anyone wonders the lining is the same color as the kimono itself (upper lining cotton and lower silk or something synthetic, I don't know) so I didn't have to worry about the lining bleeding over or anything.

I hope this was helpful! Bye!

Jun 20, 2013

I loaded up on some hakama!

 Hello there!

I ordered two hakama quite some time ago and well, I received them not so long ago. I finally have striped hakama and a blue one! They are so going to see some cosplay use as well as ordinary kimono kitsuke!

Both are synthetic and umanori type. I'm very excited to get to wear these soon; at least the blue one will be used at two anime cons next month, photos will turn up at my cosplay blog later.

Not so much more to say, see ya!

Jun 1, 2013

Samurai time!

 Oh hi!

I've been dying from heat the last week or so but that didn't stop me from dressing samurai style and having a photoshoot outside my current apartment. I borrowed a SLR camera from school over the weekend (I so want to buy one myself!) and managed to get my brother to be the photographer. I dressed pretty quickly because I swear it's like sauna inside the apartment even though the window is open more or less the whole day, ugh. Oh well, luckily outside it was breezier.

All kitsuke items are mine, except the haori and the swords which are borrowed from bro. Oh, and that's a wig.. my hair looked like crap.

Model: Valkoinen Samurai
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

Not so much more to say, it was fun. Plan to do this again someday ~

May 29, 2013

Yukata time on Kimono Day!


I went out to bike earlier today and when I got home, several hours later, I was boiling in my usual clothes. I then went to check the Immortal Geisha forums (psst, all kimono fans, join!) and noticed that it was Gofuku no Hi (kimono day) today and so I thought "screw this" and went yukata time!
I decided to wear one of my two new black yukata and a rather fabulous cotton kaku obi with it. Too bad my hair looked like crap well, what did you expect after all that biking and I had a derpface to boot so, eh, you'll get a fabulous face censor instead á la Voltorb this time. Why? Because Pokémon, you need no other reason! >8D 

Sorry for the messy background small apartment is small..
I don't really have any more photos; I still need to fix the full-body mirror so until then bear with me and the lack of kimono photos. I'll very likely re-wear this coordination and take better pictures another day.

Oh, and as a bonus I got my brother to wear his new yukata too. I was allowed to upload this as long as I censored his face.. and thus he got an Electrode upgrade because he is in fact one minute older than me. xD Even though it doesn't look/feel like it because I'm taller...

le twin.
Not so much more to say. I hope the weather cools down because it's been way too hot for me lately.. I really hope mom brings the air conditioner soon...

May 24, 2013

Moved to Sweden + Latest kimono additions

Hi guys!

It's been quite some time since I last posted but to my defense I haven't really had that much time to wear kimono lately because I moved out on my own at the beginning of this month. This means I no longer live in Finland with my mom and stepdad but instead live in northern Sweden in a really small (and cheap!) youth apartment. But eh, even though I said I haven't had that much time to wear kimono it isn't the full truth.. actually I've also had a lack of a full-body mirror and/or a photographer as well as some other minor mishaps. Fear not, mom has bought a full-body mirror for me so I will be taking kimono photos whenever I've figured out where and how to mount it in place.

Oh well, despite my lack of kimono wearing it doesn't mean I haven't been growing my collection! My latest kimono additions are two new yukata and a vintage light-ish brown striped silk kimono.

Now if I could fix the mirror so I can wear 'em soon and take photos...


Apr 18, 2013

I have a new purple kimono who's secretly fabulous-and-bling...

 Hi there!

Had a day off from school today so I decided to wear one of my newest kimono. It's light purple and high-class silk and I friggin' love it. <3 It actually has stripes but they are so small it doesn't show up on photos; also I kinda dubbed it the "bling kimono" because there seems to be woven golden threads so when you look at it IRL there's tiny golden dots all over. It's really pretty though, although that bling doesn't really show on photos either it's bling-bling-in-secret. lol I tried taking a close-up photo but even then it doesn't do it justice..
Golden bling, y u not photograph well?
Oh well, here's the rest of the photos.
As per usual taken with the help of a mirror.. I'm home alone. Yes, the mirror is dirty...

I also got a new haori pretty recently so I decided to try it on too. It's longer than my previous ones by 10 cm but I think it's okay anyway ~

Oh, and also this kimono must have the most interesting lining I've seen on any men's kimono before!

Kamon spam!
(this photo is not mirrored)
It has a lot of random kamon on the lower half of the lining.. upper half is just a plain nice deep lilac color that is similar to the lower half's in shade. It's really cool.

Nothing else to say, see ya!

Apr 1, 2013

Kimono for grandma's birthday!


Today me and my family visited (maternal) grandma because she turns 75 years well, today is not the actual day but whatever. I wore kimono and as usual I just have mirror photos to show... and not many either. The kimono is a a nice gray one, it's shinier than most of my other kimono and very soft to touch.

Yes, I bite my nails.. OTL

I'm lazy and stuff so I don't feel like writing more, sorry about that. x) Bye!