Jan 22, 2013

Red and black with a touch of pirates!


I have a day off from school on Tuesdays and I've been itching to wear kimono so, err, you can guess the rest. :)
Decided to wear my latest kimono a solid black hitoe I bought especially with cosplay *coughsaitoucough* in mind, but I love black so I'll wear it for normal kimono kitsuke too... and I felt like dressing in black today anyway because of a couple of reasons. Kaku obi is my wine red one as usual it feels like I'm using it for everything, oops.
Tekkou are fabric and I bought them from eBay long time ago. Those pirate beads in my hair are not permanent, they are clip-on hair art. I love them. I have one more too but I'm not using it this time.

Now a few photos, taken with the help of a mirror as usual because I was home alone.
Excuse me but mirror is a bit dirty...

Weird expression is weird..

Kai no kuchi this time. (also mirrored..)
Tried to take a close-up so you could see those beads a bit better..
This makes me want to do an even more pirate inspired kitsuke. I would need more accessories for it though but I have a feeling it could be hella cool what do you dudes and dudettes think? :'D

Set sail for lands far away! Bye!

Jan 1, 2013

First day of 2013 kitsuke

 Hello again!

I would have worn kimono already when the year shifted, but my back hurt and some other things so I didn't. :'( Oh well, I wore kimono today instead.
The dark purple kimono is borrowed from my brother. I'm not sure what fabric it is it was listed as silk, if I remember right, but doesn't feel anything at all like my other silk kimono and it is totally matte; no shine whatsoever. The touch of the fabric is more like the lining on some of my kimono cotton lining? But cotton kimono (yukata) are never lined, as far as I know, and this one is and also it's slightly heavier than your usual yukata so, err, I dunno. I'm confused. :S It's very comfortable to wear though.

I was very lazy to take pictures this time. *shot*
Sorry about the crummy photos.

Craptacular light but you can see the haori length.. and my Angry Birds slippers...

... and they look like this:
I'm wearing warm slippers almost 24/7 at home because
my feet get terribly cold otherwise, and it's a pain.
Sorry, I have no photos of the obi musubi it's katabasami for those curious. I actually wore this same coordination on 30th December 2012, except with kai no kuchi musubi.

I don't have so much more to add, I'm looking forward to what 2013 will bring!