Feb 17, 2013

Morning purple kitsuke


Not so much to say been wanting to wear kimono again so today when I woke up I did. My new dark purple kimono arrived a few days ago and I just had to try it on, especially because I will use it at an anime con next weekend. *coughcosplayhijikatacough*

But yeah, here's some (mirror) photos:

My kimono looks lighter on these photos and more grayish than it actually is. It's a pretty dark rich shade of purple and has no gray tones to it.. *yawns* I'm so tired, someone wake me up; feels like I'm just pretending to be awake lol.
Sorry for the lack of, well, text. I don't have so much to say.

Bye bye... zzzzzzzzzzz...

Feb 8, 2013

Wool kimono-ing at home


I've been feeling like kimono time for the last week and today, when I got home, you can guess what I did! Besides, I was feeling cold and nothing is as cozy, awesome and warm as a wool kimono. Oh, and guess what? It's my wine red kaku obi getting all the obi spotlight again. I regret nothing! >8D

Sorry, I have no decent photos except this one due to very bad lighting in our house and my haori photographs gray instead of blue. Ignore my non-tabi socks, I forgot to change them, oopsie.

ahdsgh I really need to cut my hair, it's getting way too long and just.. bleh.
Pattern close-up. (colors are a bit off)
Not so much more to say. Musubi is kai no kuchi but I have no photos without the haori, sorry about that and also for the lack of kitsuke photos overall today.

I'm sitting at home right now waiting for mom to come home because she will bring Chinese food, yum! I'm hungry haven't eaten anything since breakfast 7,5 hours ago...

Oh! I heard car noises, she's here! Goodbye, food awaits me ~