Feb 17, 2013

Morning purple kitsuke


Not so much to say been wanting to wear kimono again so today when I woke up I did. My new dark purple kimono arrived a few days ago and I just had to try it on, especially because I will use it at an anime con next weekend. *coughcosplayhijikatacough*

But yeah, here's some (mirror) photos:

My kimono looks lighter on these photos and more grayish than it actually is. It's a pretty dark rich shade of purple and has no gray tones to it.. *yawns* I'm so tired, someone wake me up; feels like I'm just pretending to be awake lol.
Sorry for the lack of, well, text. I don't have so much to say.

Bye bye... zzzzzzzzzzz...


  1. I like the combination very much^^

  2. Yay, a new kimono for Hijikata ~ ^o^ You look so stunning and awesome in it! a;jfdljs; And as usual, the color suits you quite well! <3


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