Mar 29, 2013


Err, I wouldn't normally post in my kimono blog about kitsuke items I wanted but didn't get but this one was so awesome I must grieve about it here a bit I promise it won't be long!

I check Shinei everyday for new kitsuke items and today I saw this, fell in love and died so much when I saw it was sold already. ;_;

Photos are from Shinei's website.

Just... oh my god that color combination!! I love that shade of blue/teal/whatever fghdjs;sgjah! Also, I've wanted one of these split-color kimono I don't remember if they had a specific name for the longest time but they are so rare... and it doesn't help that this one had my ideal kimono length either.. *goes to cry in kimono corner*
Oh well, maybe I find something similar someday... maybe... lolnope.



  1. Just... wow...
    *goes cry with you in kimono-emocorner*

  2. Oh my god.... It's gorgeus.. Not to meantion other good qualities, but how often you see a men's kimono with that kind of pattern? (In my 6 years into kimono, this is the first of it's kind, lol, but I rarely search men's kimono)

    1. Thanks.

      Well, I've never seen one even close to this before and I search for men's kimono daily!
      It is gorgeous indeed, I really wish I would find one similar to it someday.. I really do haha.

    2. If I happen to spot one someday, I'll let you know ;)


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