Mar 10, 2013

Birthday celebration kitsuke!


Today I had my birthday celebration (well, not the real date today but the real date is on a weekday so, yeah) and of course I decided to wear kimono. Not like I really have nicer western clothing anyway lol. It seems even mom implied she wanted me to wear kimono haha. But I did pick more bright/colorful shades because otherwise she would have looked at me with this bored face and said "don't you have anything brighter?". I know she would so I went colorful before she could tell me that!

I took a few photos of my outfit before the guests arrived. I couldn't take so many photos though because my brother kept interrupting and telling me to do something else... blah. Oh well, the few I managed to take are all taken with the help of a mirror because yeah, no photographer.

This kimono is a semi-light shade of purple with lots of small white dots all over it but as some of us know purple is a bitch to photograph its true color it looks quite a bit lighter and like it has gray tones in the photos while it doesn't...
Also, guess what kaku obi? *drum roll* The wine red one, of course; but this time I had originally planned to use another blue one, but then mom came with her "don't you have anything else?" comment while I was tying it in the hall and I showed her the wine red obi instead and she was like "use that one instead". :'D

Oh, and one thing, please excuse that band on my wrist. It's actually the ticket from Närcon Vinter (an anime convention in Sweden) and I haven't taken it off yet because it's still pretty recent and I like keeping these on for some time, as memories.

Kai no kuchi has definitely turned into my default musubi...
And I feel like telling a bit of the party itself.
I had invited a few very good friends like my best childhood friend from early school years and we had a sort of gamer party! We played Nintendo Wii and Gamecube and had a blast! I don't see these friends very often so it was a lot of fun to spend some time with them again. I must say none of these friends really knew each other from earlier but we all still got together really well it was nice to see that everyone got along.
I don't have so much more to say than that it was awesome. Oh, and before the guests came we decorated the birthday cake on the morning and it was about to fail at some point so mom raged at the cake and I couldn't hold myself from cracking up.. xD Luckily we managed to save the cake so it didn't turn into a complete disaster!

The finished birthday cake!
It's all home-made, except for that green marzipan top which was bought and trimmed to the right size... it was one of the two main things that was about to go very wrong, the other one being whipped cream. Mom made most of it but I helped with the filling and decoration. It was yummy!

What's not so yummy is that I've eaten way too much cake, candies, chips, lemonade and everything else and now I don't feel all that well... xD Oh well, it's worth it, days like these don't come everyday.

That's all! Sayonara!


  1. Congratulations, beautiful cake, yummi

    And beautiful kimono too, to see you in a little brighter colors suits you fine ;)

  2. Wow, these colors go so well together! Purple and red are a super mix, and you look handsome... ~~
    Wishing you an early happy birthday, I hope you'll feel better soon ^^

  3. Congratulations! The kitsuke and the CAKE look very good.^^

  4. hääpi piiirthdäääy tuuu juuu näin etuajassa :33 Sitten spämmään sun facen seinälle >:DD gaha<3

  5. Syntymäpäivien toivotukset myös minulta! ^^

    Me gusta mucho dat kimono, it suits you very well, you look great! c:

  6. Not sure if this is early, late, or on the date, but... Happy Birthday!! :D I'm really glad you had an awesome birthday party and cake (which looked oh-so-yummy btw). ^_^

    skfdl;jaslfsklh ^o^ You look so fabulously stunning in your bright purple kimono! <3

    1. Thank you so much! <3

      By the way, real date was on 12th March so slightly late. x)


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