Mar 16, 2013

Kitsuke with a flair of Visual Kei!


Today was my friend Sairu-chan's birthday celebration and I was invited. Of course I decided to dress in kimono this time too and especially so because her younger brother had seemingly requested it. x)
The party would start 15:00 but I dressed many hours ahead and well, because I had a lot of "dead time" I felt like being creative and trying something new that I've wanted to try for the longest time soooo, I decided to do my hair Visual Kei-ish inspired and, while I was at it, I did some total impromptu make-up as well as wore my violet contact lenses (which I've bought for cosplay) to finish the look. I can say I've never styled my hair like this before either, so it's a first time too. Never used this much hairspray in my life before. lololo

Oh, and about the kitsuke it's that dark-blue-or-something-I-don't-know (seriously, the more I look at it the more I can't say what color it really is) copper stripe kimono again; it's one of my favorites I must say. Kaku obi is actually an odori one with black & gold sayagata pattern I've never worn this one before and I felt like wearing it now; I don't know, added some attitude to the coordination. I guess I felt like being at least a bit fabulous this time ~

Now time for photos. Excuse me, everything is taken with the help of a mirror as per usual...

Kai no Kuchi.. as always, haha.
This one does my hairdo some sort of justice.
Close-up just to show my violet contacts, not super obvious on this photo though..
(this photo is not mirrored)
I did put on one of my wool haori before leaving, it was around -12 °C outside. As far as I know one shouldn't mix silk and wool (because wool is informal) but I don't have any silk haori yet, except very formal ones and that would probably not be a so much better choice lol; so I took what I had and I'm glad I did because it was pretty cold at Sairu-chan's home I ended up wearing the haori inside almost at all times because I found it chilly. I don't have so much to say about the birthday party itself, it was quite fun, especially when we went upstairs and I played Super Mario Bros. Wii with Sairu-chan's brother, so many hilarious things happened, oh god. xD

When I got home I took a few photos with the haori still on, this time in the bathroom so excuse the crappy yellow lighting as well as the mirror being dirty...

I must say I found this Visual Kei inspired style to be very fun... even though it took me shitlong to get ready (I kept styling my hair) and I wouldn't have the patience to don myself like this unless for special events or something. Oh well, I guess feedback about this new-for-me style would be interesting. Anyone want to see me experiment with it more in the future? :) Yay or nay with kimono?

Bye bye ~


  1. I like it, your hair looks cool styled like that. And I think it's all good with the kimono too.

    Also, I like that obi pattern. ^_^

  2. Yay. Definitely, yay! Although I must say it was some shock (not in a negative way, more like surprise) because of your hair. Really, this is epic XD And it just fits together, the obi, the mad hair, the make-up and your look when you're like that frowning (killer glare, anyone? <3)
    I say, thumbs up for Visual Kei(-mono)experience! :D (and please excuse my shitty humor.)

  3. asjl;fdsjasd OMG look at you!! Wow, you look so damn sexy and manly gorgeous!! ;D I'm totally loving your Visual Kei hair style and make-up! That obi is amazing too and reminds me of Kazama. XD

    Yeshhh! Please do more experiments like this in the future. Yay with kimono!


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