Apr 18, 2013

I have a new purple kimono who's secretly fabulous-and-bling...

 Hi there!

Had a day off from school today so I decided to wear one of my newest kimono. It's light purple and high-class silk and I friggin' love it. <3 It actually has stripes but they are so small it doesn't show up on photos; also I kinda dubbed it the "bling kimono" because there seems to be woven golden threads so when you look at it IRL there's tiny golden dots all over. It's really pretty though, although that bling doesn't really show on photos either it's bling-bling-in-secret. lol I tried taking a close-up photo but even then it doesn't do it justice..
Golden bling, y u not photograph well?
Oh well, here's the rest of the photos.
As per usual taken with the help of a mirror.. I'm home alone. Yes, the mirror is dirty...

I also got a new haori pretty recently so I decided to try it on too. It's longer than my previous ones by 10 cm but I think it's okay anyway ~

Oh, and also this kimono must have the most interesting lining I've seen on any men's kimono before!

Kamon spam!
(this photo is not mirrored)
It has a lot of random kamon on the lower half of the lining.. upper half is just a plain nice deep lilac color that is similar to the lower half's in shade. It's really cool.

Nothing else to say, see ya!


  1. Oda, Hojo, Shimazu, Takeda, Sanada, Katakura, Motochika, Maeda... In that lining, there is so many Japanese samurai clans symbols! (Sorry for being random...)

  2. Your new kimono is gorgeous! Even though the bling was hard to capture in the photo, it still kinda shows up and looks fabulous. ^o^ How very cool to have those kamon on the lining – it isn’t that common for men’s kimono, is it? Great new haori as well. :)


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