May 29, 2013

Yukata time on Kimono Day!


I went out to bike earlier today and when I got home, several hours later, I was boiling in my usual clothes. I then went to check the Immortal Geisha forums (psst, all kimono fans, join!) and noticed that it was Gofuku no Hi (kimono day) today and so I thought "screw this" and went yukata time!
I decided to wear one of my two new black yukata and a rather fabulous cotton kaku obi with it. Too bad my hair looked like crap well, what did you expect after all that biking and I had a derpface to boot so, eh, you'll get a fabulous face censor instead á la Voltorb this time. Why? Because Pokémon, you need no other reason! >8D 

Sorry for the messy background small apartment is small..
I don't really have any more photos; I still need to fix the full-body mirror so until then bear with me and the lack of kimono photos. I'll very likely re-wear this coordination and take better pictures another day.

Oh, and as a bonus I got my brother to wear his new yukata too. I was allowed to upload this as long as I censored his face.. and thus he got an Electrode upgrade because he is in fact one minute older than me. xD Even though it doesn't look/feel like it because I'm taller...

le twin.
Not so much more to say. I hope the weather cools down because it's been way too hot for me lately.. I really hope mom brings the air conditioner soon...

May 24, 2013

Moved to Sweden + Latest kimono additions

Hi guys!

It's been quite some time since I last posted but to my defense I haven't really had that much time to wear kimono lately because I moved out on my own at the beginning of this month. This means I no longer live in Finland with my mom and stepdad but instead live in northern Sweden in a really small (and cheap!) youth apartment. But eh, even though I said I haven't had that much time to wear kimono it isn't the full truth.. actually I've also had a lack of a full-body mirror and/or a photographer as well as some other minor mishaps. Fear not, mom has bought a full-body mirror for me so I will be taking kimono photos whenever I've figured out where and how to mount it in place.

Oh well, despite my lack of kimono wearing it doesn't mean I haven't been growing my collection! My latest kimono additions are two new yukata and a vintage light-ish brown striped silk kimono.

Now if I could fix the mirror so I can wear 'em soon and take photos...