Jun 20, 2013

I loaded up on some hakama!

 Hello there!

I ordered two hakama quite some time ago and well, I received them not so long ago. I finally have striped hakama and a blue one! They are so going to see some cosplay use as well as ordinary kimono kitsuke!

Both are synthetic and umanori type. I'm very excited to get to wear these soon; at least the blue one will be used at two anime cons next month, photos will turn up at my cosplay blog later.

Not so much more to say, see ya!


  1. Hakama are awesome!! :'D
    Striped hakama, I see what you did there...

  2. Ooh, nice hakama! :D I especially like the blue ones, such a good color~ Looking forward to seeing you wear them for cosplays!


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