Jun 1, 2013

Samurai time!

 Oh hi!

I've been dying from heat the last week or so but that didn't stop me from dressing samurai style and having a photoshoot outside my current apartment. I borrowed a SLR camera from school over the weekend (I so want to buy one myself!) and managed to get my brother to be the photographer. I dressed pretty quickly because I swear it's like sauna inside the apartment even though the window is open more or less the whole day, ugh. Oh well, luckily outside it was breezier.

All kitsuke items are mine, except the haori and the swords which are borrowed from bro. Oh, and that's a wig.. my hair looked like crap.

Model: Valkoinen Samurai
Photographer: Jäätynyt Enkeli

Not so much more to say, it was fun. Plan to do this again someday ~


  1. I think I died of awesomeness a little :'D
    You look really, really cool. ^_^

  2. Cool samurai photos, dude! You look wicked awesome and totally badass. =D


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