Jul 21, 2013

Quick kimono time outside my apartment


Long time no see... or something. I haven't updated this blog in almost a month and that feels a bit, I don't know, weird? I've been busy with cosplay stuff and other stuff too but that doesn't mean that I haven't worn kimono because oh yes, I have! But the problem is that I have no photos of the non-cosplay outfits, sorry.
Oh well, today I felt like kimono-ing (or well, more like "fuck normal clothes"-day) so after I had dressed we went outside to take some photos. It had been raining earlier so me and my photographer decided it's better if we stay where we are shielded from the rain so, yeah. Oh well, enough rambling for now.

Model: Valkoinen Samurai
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

And of course an ass obi musubi photo.. it's not the prettiest but sort-of-okay..
But seriously...

I swear it's the same kimono I wore in this and this! Yeaaaaaah. Go figure.

Oh, and about the lack of photos I'm super picky about photos so I really don't have more than these two that I think are decent enough to put in the blog this time, sorry about that ~

See ya!