Aug 12, 2013

I'm black, purple and have fluffy hair!

 Hi again!

Sorry this blog hasn't been very active lately but I've been busy with my cosplay hobby. Also my small apartment has been veeeery crammed lately (it's good if I can even move around) and that's a problem because I store my kitsuke items in boxes under my bed and well, it's so stuffed in here that it's a challenge to even pull out the storage boxes! Yeah, that's a problem, but luckily it won't be this crammed forever and I still have at least one of my yukata more easily accesible, so I'm not totally suffering from kimonoless living I just don't really have photosssss. Oh well, today I wore one of my new-ish yukata as well as styled my hair. I felt like being fabulous so I made my hair all poofy-'n-spiky Visual Kei-ish and wore a rather flashy odori kaku obi. I've actually had this obi for probably over a year now but just haven't worn it yet. Glad to finally wear it, been waiting for a chance to for quite some time!

Just a cellphone mirror photo to showcase my hair's fluffiness better.
(I know, my cellphone is ~ultra gay~ but dad bought it and it was the only color left.. xD)
Except for the hair and fabulous obi I didn't really put any more effort to look Visual Kei-ish... oh wait, I had on a little eyeliner but that's it. Some other day I will be more rrrrrrradical, nyah ~
But for now, more photos! Oh, and if anyone wonders the yukata is black, not dark blue or anything.

Model: Valkoinen Samurai
Photographer: Hasakitsuki 

Lens flares look like Dragon Balls!
This obi is hard to tie it's short, soft, thick and slightly slippery. Best combo.
I don't have so much more to say, ciao ~