Sep 27, 2013

Kimono bug bites me on the morning!


I have been wearing kimono lately (mostly for cosplay though) but I just don't end up taking photos lazyyyy and that's why this blog has been semi-dead for a few months. Sorry about that, I should really be more active.
But I just wanted to drop by and say that today the kimono bug bit me so guess what I did? Shame I don't really have many photos and the few I have aren't of good quality because I took them with my older camera, not the SLR so meh. But hey, still pictures!

Sorry mirror photo and crappy light. :<
Sort-of-obligatory self-photo...
Oh and yes, that's a wig. My real hair is getting too long and ugly and I basically have bad hair days everyday. :'DD Good thing that tomorrow I'll go get it cut, about time! Oh and double yes, I'm wearing eyeliner, haters gonna hate ~

See ya!

Sep 6, 2013

Food store + kimono = I did it

 Hello again!

The kimono bug bit me today and so I dressed up in my wool kimono & haori and a lined juban (yes, it's getting cold here in the north already) and guess what? I went out to town to buy some food because the fridge in my apartment is echoing of emptiness.
I had some reasons to wear kimono except for the "because I can!" and that's because, err, you see, I screwed up my right foot a few days ago and since then I've had problems walking; I'm limping around and just stepping with said foot hurts. It's obvious that I'm hurt when I dress normally (jeans and t-shirt) but I figured it probably wouldn't be as blatantly obvious if I wore kimono and besides, it's 20% cooler and comfortable!

So yeah, I totally limped walked into the nearest food store! and it only took like.. forever...
Most of the people who passed by me and Hasakitsuki (who by the way wore a sleeveless trollface shirt! Problem?)
when we were walking noticed I wasn't wearing what everyone else was. But the best reaction must have been the first one namely the guy driving the postal service car; he was staring at me with his mouth hanging open and his eyes were huge! I didn't really look at him but Hasakitsuki did and she mimicked his expression to me afterwards and oh god the laugh we had. xD

All pictures are taken by Hasakitsuki.
Oh, and yes, I'm actually wearing a wig because my hair looks horrid.

Ignore my blank/tired expression.
(and that I'm only wearing one sock, right foot is wrapped in bandages..)
Please don't mind my western shoes; wearing zori wasn't even an option. ;_; I had enough problems (read: pains) just wearing these shoes hell, any shoes. I need to step very carefully on either my heel or on the outer side of the foot or it's gonna hurt, especially if I try bending it. So yeah, limping around super slow for now. I hope it heals soon..

Because it's Friday no Friday without chips!
Just strutting around ~
Not so much more to say; it was fun and I would do it again.. haters gonna hate ~