Sep 27, 2013

Kimono bug bites me on the morning!


I have been wearing kimono lately (mostly for cosplay though) but I just don't end up taking photos lazyyyy and that's why this blog has been semi-dead for a few months. Sorry about that, I should really be more active.
But I just wanted to drop by and say that today the kimono bug bit me so guess what I did? Shame I don't really have many photos and the few I have aren't of good quality because I took them with my older camera, not the SLR so meh. But hey, still pictures!

Sorry mirror photo and crappy light. :<
Sort-of-obligatory self-photo...
Oh and yes, that's a wig. My real hair is getting too long and ugly and I basically have bad hair days everyday. :'DD Good thing that tomorrow I'll go get it cut, about time! Oh and double yes, I'm wearing eyeliner, haters gonna hate ~

See ya!

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