Oct 18, 2013

Purple kimono time strikes again!


Today I felt like dressing in kimono because I can. Hey, I don't really need reasons, sometimes the kimono bug just bites me and that's it, neh ~
I felt like being colorful so my synthetic light purple kimono was a "yes please!" choice. Paired it with my reversible light blue kaku obi (other side is mustard yellow) and one of the few haori that I have. It's wool but yeah, it's a bit cold in the apartment right now and the first snow came today wuhuu so why not? My other haori are pretty much formal montsuki ones so.. nope. I really should buy some more haori..

There's not much in the name of photos this time as usual lately but at least something. Excuse me the mess in the background and the amount of photobombing stuff. Oh, and I'm barefoot because it's quite the mission to open the box in which my tabi and obi are and I couldn't find my tabi anyway for the moment because, well, the box is actually keeping one of the beds in my apartment from falling apart. Yes, the bed broke some time ago and the box is keeping it in place so it's hard to move it to get my kitsuke stuff that's inside. I'm pretty much semi-forced to use whichever obi lays on top of the box so to speak lol. Oh well, could always be worse I assume..

Because standing up for kimono pictures is too mainstream ~
And of course I took some obligatory self-photos; mainly to show off my sort-of-new haircut that I've had for a few weeks now. It's the shortest I've ever cut my hair so far but I actually kinda like it like this. Sure I'm used to having my hair a bit longer but this is pretty cool as well, so why not? :)

Nothing more to say, I'll leave you now meanwhile I go eat Hasakitsuki's chocolate pastries that just came out of the oven. Smell ya later!

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