Dec 20, 2013

3 days in kimono


So since Tuesday this week I ended up wearing a different kimono coordination for each following day because, well, I felt like it as well as some other reasons but sssh about that... 

Sorry about the mirror being dirty I know, I should soooo clean it. Some of the photos are not the sharpest either and the background is a mess, as always. Also, I've noticed lately that for some unknown reasons every now and then when I upload a photo to Blogger it will color-rape it, like, really. I mean, the original colors of the photos for some reason get changed (almost always turn uglier to boot, not amused..) when I upload them. I tell you, it's highly annoying and I have no clue if it's even possible to fix but oh well, I just have to deal with it.


• Off-white kimono
• Midnight blue haori
• Dark green kaku obi

I swear I love this kimono (light colors ftw!) and I'm so happy I managed to almost completely get rid of the water stains it had on the shoulders. *victory* 

 Yeah, I am wearing one of my cosplay wigs because bad hair days happen.


(this photo is actually darker.. major Blogger color-rape going on. :DD)
• Dark blueish "copper stripe" kimono
• Reversible golden waves odori obi 

This kimono has to be one of the very first ones I bought. Sure it doesn't look the most interesting from a distance but it's one of these secretly pretty ones when you look at it closely, haha. Also I've never used this side of the odori obi before so I felt like trying it out and come on, it's fab. Also, if anyone's curious about what the other side of this obi looks like then it can be seen here.

Yeah, I am wearing a wig because bad hair days happen. Twice.


• Light brown kimono
• Midnight blue haori
• Blue kaku obi

Yup, this time it's my real hair. Then again it's newly washed and unstyled so it barely looks like anything...

Oh, and I promise this kimono is not yellowish. I tried to get it to photograph its true color but lolnope. This is the closest I managed:

.. and for some reasons it seems to have a greenish tint here. Great. OTL
Actually the stripes are a brownish red and the brown color is more of a caramel brown. I don't know why it goes wannabe mustard or something on the photos but I guess it's trying to tell me about its identity crisis... ._. lol

That's about it, bye bye ~

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  1. Kimono identity crisis. So beautiful.
    These three days were some fun! It was so weird to see you wear western clothes afterwards. Would you mention the yukata in some other post? :)


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