Dec 16, 2014

Cruise kitsuke – Silliness!

Hi guys!

I happened to be checking through photos on my computer and then I bumped into a folder filled with not-so-representative photos of me from the Silja Serande cruise last month yep, I'm basically saying that earlier I had saved a folder with all the derpy faces and then forgotten about it.. until now. :'DD I must admit that I am quite capable of pulling hilarious faces at times and well, sometimes I don't even recognize myself because of how I end up looking on photos. xD I sure had a laugh while plowing through the folder and I figured that hey, double joy is better joy.. so I'll let you have some laughs too!

Silly faces in 3... 2... 1...

There was a shitbright sunset and it hurt my eyes
and I was moaning to my photographer to hurry up or something. XD
Scratching my head is srs bsns.
Honestly, I was yawning.
And then at some point we also went to Silja Land and well, because it was all empty (the ship was in the harbor) I went to goof around... in the octopus slide entrance. Oh, and if someone doesn't know Silja Land is the kiddy place.

Is it... A TENTACLE?
Oh dang, will it eat me?
I'd be lying if I said that this was all of the photos because it's not. I do have some more but they are already so overpower derp that it's better that said photos never see the light of day... xD

I hope you smiled at least a little. :'DD
Bye for now!

Nov 23, 2014

Silja Line cruise kitsuke!

Hi peeps!

On 18-19th November I headed down to Helsinki (capital city of Finland) by train. It was a very long and tiring journey but I managed.

The reason?
Go on a cruise to Stockholm (capital city of Sweden) and back with friends. :) 

I needed some relaxation anyway because lately I've had a lot of stuff going on and when my dad, a few months ago, mentioned that he had a lot of bonus points on his Silja Line club card that were about to expire soon, well, we ordered a free cruise with said points, wopee! 
I'm not here to talk about the cruise experience because hey, that you can read over at my Lifestyle blog if you're curious! No, I'm here to post a crapload of kitsuke pics of the coordination I wore on the 19th November while the ship was in Stockholm's harbor. The reason I decided to have the photoshoot during this time was to avoid having a lot of people photocrashing in the background. Not like there were many others though, the ship was probably more than half empty..

Okay, so I know I haven't really posted any proper kimono kitsuke pictures in here since like what, the earlier half of this year? Oops. But hey, now I have so many pictures to spam you with so that it more than makes up for the kimono drought in this blog! 8D

I decided to do a kitsuke coordination with some western clothing items this time. I've only done it once before and I kinda like the modern-ish mixed look so why not? :D I'm wearing a blue wool kimono, wool (?) haori and the it-gets-too-much-love wine red kaku obi. xD I swear I wear this thing with pretty much everything lol. Instead of a juban I'm wearing a light gray dress shirt and footwear is some random black shoes that are comfy and don't look too bad with kimono, me thinks..

Model and photo editor: Shiro Samurai
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

At the entrance to Silja Serenade. <3
Oh man do I love being on Silja Line ships. <3 I'm a sucker for cruises and it's something I've been doing all my life because it wasn't rare that my dad and/or mom would go on a cruise every now and then; both are kinda travel type of persons, especially dad. So yeah, I've been on cruising ships a lot during my life and especially onboard the Silja Line Symphony and Serenade twin ships I kinda know them like my pockets lol. Then again Serenade has been renewed so some parts of it were different from what I'm used to but Symphony is still the same. I kinda hope they don't change Symphony too because nostalgy. </3

In the ship's front, somewhere inside but still on the
outside deck.. if you know what I mean. xD
If anyone wonders, yeah you can see a bit of Stockholm on the above pic through the windows. I didn't go to visit though, I've seen Stockholm so many times that it's kinda boring for me by now..

Outside deck, next to a lifebuoy.
Still outside deck, under a lifeboat.
Outside deck, trying to look cool... xD
 I have no idea where my other foot disappeared though.
Still outside deck, I'm so creative.. :'DD
 On the two photos above you can see some sea safety equipment in the background. 

Still outside deck, sitting on the safety vest box I assume..
Do I even need to say where I still am?
We went all over the ship to take photos, first outside and then inside. It was comfy and easy to photoshoot because there wasn't really many pairs of eyes staring at me, hah. I did later cross ways with a young-ish looking Asian guy who stared at me quite long but his face stayed neutral, maybe a slight "didn't see that one coming" expression. I wonder what he was thinking...
Otherwise I got no comments, no one approached me to talk either but a lot of people did stare at me obviously more than normally, mostly looking surprised or maybe a bit weirded out.

Next to the stairs on whatever-the-number-deck.
Selfie in front of the elevators in deck 12.
As you can see especially well on the selfie I'm wearing bright blue contact lenses, or well, actually circle lenses. My eyes are naturally something between light blue and gray, occasionally with a greenish tint and with a golden ring closest to the pupil. If anyone's curious about the blue lenses I've done a review about them over here. :)

Sitting on the stairs leading to New York Lounge on deck 13.
Oh and I must mention that the stairs were changing colors and it was super cool! They changed to red, yellow, green, pink, blue, violet, white and everything in-between!

Sitting in the New York Lounge.
Same as above. :)
It needs to be mentioned that the black soft square chair that I'm sitting on is pretty low, hence why it looks a bit funny when I sit down. Oh, and on the three pics above you can see the ship's "sun deck" in the background. Not like it was especially sunny or even warm to be out there though I froze on my quick run outside. xD

In the sun deck's inside part, aka where you can see
the Promenade/Main deck (deck 7) from above.
Same place as on the pic above. On this one you can see deck 7 in the background.
(and I have no idea why my obi looks so red on this one..)
Sitting in one of the windows near the stairs
on whatever-the-number-deck, again. xD
Lastly we went to Silja Land, aka the children playground/activity place. It was all quiet and empty and cozy so we stayed there and chilled for a while. It's kinda nostalgic for me to be in there because back in my younger days I used to spend quite a lot of time in Silja Land playing video games and drawing, haha.

In Silja Land's couch & television corner.
Same as above ~
I think that was it. I had a lot of fun on the cruise and I wouldn't mind kimono-ing on a ship in the future as well. :) Oh, and I forgot to mention but I guess most people noticed by now that I have something white peeking out from my obi in the front that's the cabin card that works as a key for your cabin as well as a boarding card. It also has some info on it what kind of stuff you're allowed to purchase on the ship (alcohol products etc) based on age so it also works as some kind of ID-checkup card for purchases, haha. I kept it in the obi for easy access and because I could constantly see/feel that I still had it on me.

Bye bye for now!

Or wait. No.
I have a bonus picture!

"Hmm, this thing just might save my ass.." :'D
Yep, goofing around on the outside deck near the lifeboats.

Oct 31, 2014

No time and no Halloween-y stuff...

Bah. I've been wanting to do kimono kitsuke during the whole past month but no, never got a good opportunity I always had something to do, somewhere to go. Bleh, meh and double bleh. :C It doesn't help that temperatures barely hit above zero anymore so I can't really go outside for long, unless I want to semi-freeze that is. Another thing that makes kimono-ing harder is that my photographer is in the other end of Europe right now, pffrt.
I do feel kinda bad for not having done proper non-cosplay kitsuke since.. *scrolls in blog*, err, April? Oh sweet lord, April?! Was it really that long ago?? :O Well, crap... OTL

I kinda wanted to do some Halloween themed kimono coordination but that inspiration was crushed when I realized I barely even have anything remotely Halloween-ish to put on; it would only have been 43 shades of black or something lolol. No orange kitsuke stuff or anything else fitting.. :'( Mustard is not orange, dammit. I would have had vague ideas for a Halloween look but I just don't have the stuff to make it come true and that's so blergh. Oh well, maybe next year...

Shiro Samurai goes back to hiding under a rock.

Sep 29, 2014

More hand-me-down surprises!

Hello hello!

Remember the last post about the hand-me-down clothes that I got, which included geta shoes? Well, turns out it wasn't the only kimono related thing that was in the black bags! :D You see, several days after I first saw the geta I went through all the stuff thoroughly and then in one of the bags the one with the more formal-ish western wear I found something long and narrow packed in a plastic bag, with a hanger on. It quickly hit me that said shape could in no way be a suit jacket or such, so I took it out and then it became obvious it was a yukata! Wohoo!
Together with it came two black obi an usual kaku obi and one of those pre-tied ones. Not like I understand why anyone would need men's obi pre-tied but oh well. xD The yukata is mainly black with thin white stripes as well so yeah, there's definitely a lot of black going on. It seems to be in almost new condition as well, maybe not even worn more than once!

Yukata and the two different obi.
Yukata pattern close-up.
It seems to be one of these modern yukata that come in S, M, L and LL sizes etc. Seems to be at least partly machine sewn as well. This one is L size (tends to average around 144 cm I think) and so for a moment I was worried that it would be a bit too long for me I pretty much always wear M on these kind of "modern sized" kimono. I did try it on quickly and noticed that it was no problems, yesh!

Wait, you're expecting something, right?

I'm sorry but there won't be any kitsuke pics yet; I kind of forgot to take any when I quickly tried it on and after that there was a lot of stuff going on.. and I caught a flu. D: I've been sick for around one week but it's finally getting better now; I'll try to get kitsuke pics with all the new freebie stuff as soon as I've completely recovered stay tuned!


Aug 13, 2014

Surprise finds from relative's hand-me-downs

 Hello guys!

So I've received some bags of (western everyday) clothing from one of my family relatives who no longer wants/needs them. I knew said person had been in Japan more than once but I wasn't expecting anything Japanese in the two black bin bags I got to keep. Mostly the bags contained t-shirts, jeans and stuff but actually when I opened the first bag to check it contents I was surprised by what I saw in there! What I saw was something useful for my kimono needs!

Lacquered geta (?) with asanoha hanao & tenugui
Sure that they are used but still in fairly good condition. One of the shoes the one closer to the camera has some slight damage in the corners but the other one is fine. Both have in the bottoms these marks/holes of walking on stones but so far I haven't been able to avoid this from happening with my own geta either. xD I'm very happy about getting free geta because I only own one pair previously and asanoha is my favorite motif anyway, as far as more geometrical patterns are concerned.
Oh happy day! ~

That was all, bye!

Aug 7, 2014

Immortal Geisha forums closing down

Hi everyone, I'll make this quick!

I've finally gotten my account at the IG forums reactivated (thanks for the help!) but on the same run I learnt about the sad fact that the forums will be closing down to read-only at the end of this month. :'(
It's very sad but I understand the admin's reasons so I'm not bitter or anything; time changes and life happens. At least our dear IG will go out while still shining in gold and all the massive amount of knowledge in there will be kept so that people can read it. I'd be even more sad if it was completely wiped off the face of internet but luckily that's not the case, I can live with this.
I'm really grateful for all the time I got to spend in the forums; I befriended a bunch of lovely people, gained a lot of kimono knowledge and got some fond memories along the way! I really loved the warm and welcoming community. I bow to IG forums and thank for everything. m(_ _)m
Luckily there is now at least a Facebook group out there for us so we can continue showing off our kimono coordinations, chat about anything and everything, show our newest purchases etc!

Let's stay together kimono fans!! <3

Jul 21, 2014

It's too hot to do kitsuke!

Hello all!

Lately it has started getting really warm up here in northern Sweden where I live and by warm I mean warm, at least if you take into account how high up in the country I reside and what temperatures I'm used to having here. We're reaching minimum 25 °C or something and it will only get warmer this week, maybe even to 30 °C!
I'm one of those guys who just can't stand heat; I start feeling slow, out of energy and occasionally slightly sick because of high heat and I just can't get myself to do anything productive whatsoever. It's definitely too hot to do any kind of kitsuke just looking at my kimono box under my bed makes me sweat. I would get grilled alive under the layers!
I can barely survive inside my apartment in everyday western wear currently and that's with the fan blowing at full power 24/7. I'm breathing inside a toast box directly from Hell, in other words. I think about buying ice cream all the time... </3
At best I can maybe manage to wear one of my yukata, but even that is if I wear it sloppily and with a can't-be-bothered obi (read: heko obi). Well, that's actually what I did today...

Photo proof!
Yeah I know, I look so lively not and my hair looks like nothing because I couldn't be bothered to style it. Blegh. But hey, even with yukata on I need to go wipe my face, arms and stuff with water every now and then.. or at least spray water on me. Ikea gardener spray bottles are surprisingly useful! Gah, I want winter back...! OTL


Jun 29, 2014

No news regarding IG forums + weirdly hard geta search


Hmm, seemingly there is no news regarding my IG forums problem yet. :/ My emails to the IG membership help adress have gone unanswered too (the one I sent on 3rd June). I guess I can't do so much more than wait and hope that something happens.. eventually. I don't have much more to say about this matter; I just keep hoping that something would happen because the IG boards are a huge source of inspiration for me and motivation to wear kimono.

I've been experiencing a kimono rut too as of lately; I can't seem to find the time/inspiration to dress up and take photos. Sorry guys! Then again, the lack of access to the IG forums plays a part as well as the summer anime con season; my cosplay blog is blooming during this time of year and it's not the easiest to keep several blogs equally active. Speaking of which I recently put together a cosplay consisting of only authentic kimono items so I guess I could link the post in here too in case someone missed it: kimono!Gakupo cosplay from Vocaloid. There's more kimono outfits on my cosplay blog so you peeps can go peek in there when this kimono blog has a slower course, if you want.

But I should mention that for some time now I've been looking for these very basic geta shoes; you know, those plain wooden ones with two teeth and most commonly black hanao. I don't know why but now when I actually search for them with the intention to buy a pair I can't for the life of me find any that would fit me and be in a price-range that my wallet can swallow, gaah! It's so typical, I swear. xD My luck is so beautiful...

May 31, 2014

I want to get back to the Immortal Geisha forums

I don't know if anyone at the Immortal Geisha forums have noticed but I haven't been online for quite a while. No, I definitely haven't left the site! I really want to get back to posting there but it's just that I'm having problems and can't log in currently. It has been like this for a while now and I figured I could make it known here on my blog as well; I might have a few IG members reading this who could maybe help me out...

The thing is that I changed my password and email on IG, because I still had my older email on the IG account and I barely use said old email anymore. When you do this your account seemingly gets deactivated (wish I had known before!) until someone checks your new information and reactivates your account and, well, it has been over one month and nothing has happened yet. I contacted an IG forum member over at deviantArt and asked if she could spread the word to the site responsible or someone, but seemingly she hasn't got an answer yet. I even sent an email to the IG membership help address but I've got no reply there either and this was back on early April. :'( It feels like it has been forever.
I really miss being at the IG forums, I wish I would get my account reactivated soon...

Shiro Samurai out.

Apr 22, 2014

Wearing a long unworn kimono

Hi everyone!

I've been itching for a kimono day lately and today when I woke up I decided that the time has come. While I was thinking what kimono to wear I remembered the existence of this one off-white hitoe kimono that I bought maybe even years ago and that I had yet to wear for the first time! I thought it was a good one to wear seeing how thin it is actually it's a bit see-through and because lately my apartment has been getting hot because spring is finally coming. You see, my current apartment is an old tile building that was built around the time of the first world war; needless to say the isolation and stuff aren't the best ever and because it's tile it gets goddamn hot on the summer.. and I mean so hot that you'd sort of die if you didn't have a fan in the room running pretty much non-stop. Yeah, northern Sweden turned into Thailand and thus during this time of year I'd rather wear lightweight kimono while inside. Oh, and speaking of this kimono, I have no idea what fabric it is but it's rough to the touch (not soft at all), has a vertically wrinkled texture all over that is noticeable up close and it's thin and a bit see-through as mentioned before. It's pretty weird but I like it anyway.

Oh, and I went to cut my hair not so long ago, it's maybe a bit too short for my liking can't decide but it's more economical to cut it a bit shorter than intended because then I don't have to go cut it soon because it has more time to grow before it turns into an uncontrollable raven's nest again yeah I'm broke. Now it's back to my natural hair color as well.

Taken by Hasakitsuki
Obligatory self-pic...
Mjah, not really anything else to say, have a nice day everyone!

Mar 26, 2014

Latest kimono and juban


So here comes now the post to show off my latest kimono purchases!
Actually I've been trying really hard not to buy anything new for a while because, well, put it simply I can't afford it currently. It sucks but no can do. Nevertheless I've managed to get three new friends because I just possibly couldn't pass them up! The first one is that checkred blue-and-dark-red kimono which already got its spotlight time in my latest kitsuke post and thus I didn't take photos of it. The other kimono must be a far-away cousin to the checkered one because it's *drumroll* dark red as well. Yeah that's totally the reason I had to have it; nevermind that it's 15 cm too short for me and I'm short to begin with. OTL But I wanted it badly enough that I'll find a way to rock this thing anyway, with hakama or with something else more or less traditional. Suggestions are welcome!

Yeah, I totally have Pokémon bedcovers; it's from my early childhood and well, as a kid I was crazy about Pokémon (it's actually what started my interest towards Japanese things..) and when I moved out from home mom gave me all old bedcovers to keep. I don't mind, it's not like I've really grown out of the franchise anyway and it's mega nostalgic..
Close-up of the pattern.
I also thought I'd show the dragon and tiger print juban that Lumikettu gave me. Thanks again! The fabric is comfy (I think it's cotton or muslin?) and this thing actually has black collars instead of the über mainstream dark navy ones you see everywhere, happy day! I'm fond of dragons –tigers are cool as well and I only owned three juban before this (one which is lined) so it's an appreciated addition to my kimono collection. It's never a bad thing to have several juban anyway!

If anyone wonders about the carp that's discreetly photobombing on the edge it's a handmade gift from Hasakitsuki. I've always liked fishes and especiallly carps.
Close-up of the motif.
Eeyup, I think that's about it! See ya!

Mar 12, 2014

Birthday kitsuke with mostly new kimono stuff!


So today is my birthday and I decided to wear one of my latest kimono additions. It's dark red (aww yeah!) and blue with a small checkered pattern all over and it's just surprisingly awesome except that the collars love to go everywhere and just won't cross very high and stay that way for more than a few minutes lol.
The haori is new as well, I got it today and just had to throw it on because I really like wearing one! As if you hadn't noticed by now... It's tsumugi silk and has a nice wingspan by the way. Oh, and actually the juban is new as well and it was actually given to me by the wonderful Lumikettu, thank you! I should get around to doing another post with pictures of all the new stuff..

Excuse my hair; it's a bit everywhere and getting too long again I should go cut it soon. I don't have so many photos but the ones I have are taken in the laundry room lol the light is better there than in my apartment and yeah, that equals for once in a while no mirror photos. Oh, and my black juban collars are getting eaten; I tried to keep them in place but they just wouldn't cooperate and disappeared under the kimono! So standard... OTL

Model: Valkoinen Samurai
Photographer: Hasakitsuki

That random stray hair is bothering me but oh well, that's what you get when your
photographer is distracted doesn't tell you.. xD

Sorry it got dark before we got into taking full-body pics...

This kimono seemingly doesn't want to photograph accurately but I tell you the base color is a dark red with a slight brownish tint. I will certainly wear it more times so I should eventually get it to show its true colors, hahah. Oh and sorry for the messy text in general, I speed-wrote this.

I don't have much more else to say so sayonara for now!

Feb 1, 2014

East meets west – Meiji era inspiration kitsuke


Today I felt like it was time for a kimono day, but, I didn't feel like doing it the usual way. Actually for a long time now I've wanted to experiment with this style you see every now and then in some anime/manga that are based around the Meiji era (around later 1800's) or such, like Rurouni Kenshin for example. There are some character who wear kimono with a button down shirt and stuff like that. I think it looks cool and so I decided to try it out in real life!

Photographer is Hasakitsuki, save for the last pic which I took myself.
Have some non-mirror photos every once in a while! Oh and yep, we went into the laundry room because of better light and less messy background.

I swear my hair was like that when I woke up. It's half-way defying gravity and it's sort of cool in a messy way so I decided to let it be. xD I did try to comb it down slightly but it bounced right back up. lol

About this coordination I must say it's surprisingly comfortable to wear, like, really. I'm not wearing a juban here because I figured the shirt would have the same function. About the colors I don't need to say much more than white, red and black are awesome together. Period.

I think I'll end up experimenting some more in the future but I'm curious what you guys think, yay or nay? :)

Jan 13, 2014

Blue hakama edition


Today when I woke up I felt well enough to actually dress.. and so I sat on the bed for probably 10 minutes trying to figure out if I felt like wearing kimono or western clothes. I ended up leaning towards kimono and, well, what did you expect anyway?
But this time hakama edition. Because I should wear hakama more often.

Sorry for mirror photo, dirty mirror and messy
background blah blah you guys know all that already.
Yeah, it's the same new light-ish brown kimono that I wore last month. I swear it still has an identity crisis raging on but it has now evolved from mustard yellow to prepare your eyes fucking orange. xD

I tried to take a detail photo; everything got color raped including the hakama :-DD
(and the obi is really a darker red)
I swear the hakama are a rather vivid dark blue but they turned gray-blue on the photo. If you don't believe me then I'll promise that it's the same hakama that I'm wearing on this cosplay pic. Go figure, I love my camera. :> Really. I'm not even kidding but it's just that... yeah, if only colors could always photograph like they actuallly are. Heh.

Oh well, I'm outta here for today because now it's time for noodles with tofu. Bye ~

Jan 11, 2014


Whazzup guys?
Well, not much for me. 

I seemingly caught a sickness yesterday (and not a funny one...) and I've been living under the blankets since then. I'm wary of eating/drinking most stuff and I'm just generally not feeling all that good. Sure, it's better now than what it was on yesterday morning it was horrible but I'm still being careful. Oh, and why am I talking about being sick? Well, I can't be bothered to dress so I've been trolling around in my new nemaki. Yeah, this kind of kimono-style lounging robe.. or pyjama/sleepwear, if you may. I swear it's super comfortable! I need more of these things!

My Angry Birds slippers are discreetly photobombing.. just
like the rest of the background. lol
So well, this thing sort of looks like a yukata at first glance. It's a soft cotton garment (mine is lined, dunno if they always are?) with small sleeves. I appreciate the small sleeves because it's just more convenient for sleeping.
Also, you close this thing with two ties there's one on the inside and one close to the hip. At least you don't have to worry about waking up half-naked if you are of the kind to roll around a lot when sleeping! I know I do...

Tie pls.
I'm used to this tie-system because I used to train kendo I want to start again ;_; and the kendogi had a similar closing method, except that the tie was on the chest and not closer to the hips. Oh, and you don't use an ordinary obi with this thing; there is included a short sash of the same fabric that you wear with it.
But yeah, if you don't own any of these yet I'd recommend you go looking for one if you like Japanese stuff! I found mine on eBay, if anyone wonders.

Oh well, I'd better get back under the blankets now before I freeze to death internet-camping in the cold corridor and stealing my school's wi-fi. Damn you internet cable for being dead in my apartment for, like, forever!