Jan 13, 2014

Blue hakama edition


Today when I woke up I felt well enough to actually dress.. and so I sat on the bed for probably 10 minutes trying to figure out if I felt like wearing kimono or western clothes. I ended up leaning towards kimono and, well, what did you expect anyway?
But this time hakama edition. Because I should wear hakama more often.

Sorry for mirror photo, dirty mirror and messy
background blah blah you guys know all that already.
Yeah, it's the same new light-ish brown kimono that I wore last month. I swear it still has an identity crisis raging on but it has now evolved from mustard yellow to prepare your eyes fucking orange. xD

I tried to take a detail photo; everything got color raped including the hakama :-DD
(and the obi is really a darker red)
I swear the hakama are a rather vivid dark blue but they turned gray-blue on the photo. If you don't believe me then I'll promise that it's the same hakama that I'm wearing on this cosplay pic. Go figure, I love my camera. :> Really. I'm not even kidding but it's just that... yeah, if only colors could always photograph like they actuallly are. Heh.

Oh well, I'm outta here for today because now it's time for noodles with tofu. Bye ~

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