Feb 1, 2014

East meets west – Meiji era inspiration kitsuke


Today I felt like it was time for a kimono day, but, I didn't feel like doing it the usual way. Actually for a long time now I've wanted to experiment with this style you see every now and then in some anime/manga that are based around the Meiji era (around later 1800's) or such, like Rurouni Kenshin for example. There are some character who wear kimono with a button down shirt and stuff like that. I think it looks cool and so I decided to try it out in real life!

Photographer is Hasakitsuki, save for the last pic which I took myself.
Have some non-mirror photos every once in a while! Oh and yep, we went into the laundry room because of better light and less messy background.

I swear my hair was like that when I woke up. It's half-way defying gravity and it's sort of cool in a messy way so I decided to let it be. xD I did try to comb it down slightly but it bounced right back up. lol

About this coordination I must say it's surprisingly comfortable to wear, like, really. I'm not wearing a juban here because I figured the shirt would have the same function. About the colors I don't need to say much more than white, red and black are awesome together. Period.

I think I'll end up experimenting some more in the future but I'm curious what you guys think, yay or nay? :)