Mar 26, 2014

Latest kimono and juban


So here comes now the post to show off my latest kimono purchases!
Actually I've been trying really hard not to buy anything new for a while because, well, put it simply I can't afford it currently. It sucks but no can do. Nevertheless I've managed to get three new friends because I just possibly couldn't pass them up! The first one is that checkred blue-and-dark-red kimono which already got its spotlight time in my latest kitsuke post and thus I didn't take photos of it. The other kimono must be a far-away cousin to the checkered one because it's *drumroll* dark red as well. Yeah that's totally the reason I had to have it; nevermind that it's 15 cm too short for me and I'm short to begin with. OTL But I wanted it badly enough that I'll find a way to rock this thing anyway, with hakama or with something else more or less traditional. Suggestions are welcome!

Yeah, I totally have Pokémon bedcovers; it's from my early childhood and well, as a kid I was crazy about Pokémon (it's actually what started my interest towards Japanese things..) and when I moved out from home mom gave me all old bedcovers to keep. I don't mind, it's not like I've really grown out of the franchise anyway and it's mega nostalgic..
Close-up of the pattern.
I also thought I'd show the dragon and tiger print juban that Lumikettu gave me. Thanks again! The fabric is comfy (I think it's cotton or muslin?) and this thing actually has black collars instead of the über mainstream dark navy ones you see everywhere, happy day! I'm fond of dragons –tigers are cool as well and I only owned three juban before this (one which is lined) so it's an appreciated addition to my kimono collection. It's never a bad thing to have several juban anyway!

If anyone wonders about the carp that's discreetly photobombing on the edge it's a handmade gift from Hasakitsuki. I've always liked fishes and especiallly carps.
Close-up of the motif.
Eeyup, I think that's about it! See ya!

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