Apr 22, 2014

Wearing a long unworn kimono

Hi everyone!

I've been itching for a kimono day lately and today when I woke up I decided that the time has come. While I was thinking what kimono to wear I remembered the existence of this one off-white hitoe kimono that I bought maybe even years ago and that I had yet to wear for the first time! I thought it was a good one to wear seeing how thin it is actually it's a bit see-through and because lately my apartment has been getting hot because spring is finally coming. You see, my current apartment is an old tile building that was built around the time of the first world war; needless to say the isolation and stuff aren't the best ever and because it's tile it gets goddamn hot on the summer.. and I mean so hot that you'd sort of die if you didn't have a fan in the room running pretty much non-stop. Yeah, northern Sweden turned into Thailand and thus during this time of year I'd rather wear lightweight kimono while inside. Oh, and speaking of this kimono, I have no idea what fabric it is but it's rough to the touch (not soft at all), has a vertically wrinkled texture all over that is noticeable up close and it's thin and a bit see-through as mentioned before. It's pretty weird but I like it anyway.

Oh, and I went to cut my hair not so long ago, it's maybe a bit too short for my liking can't decide but it's more economical to cut it a bit shorter than intended because then I don't have to go cut it soon because it has more time to grow before it turns into an uncontrollable raven's nest again yeah I'm broke. Now it's back to my natural hair color as well.

Taken by Hasakitsuki
Obligatory self-pic...
Mjah, not really anything else to say, have a nice day everyone!