May 31, 2014

I want to get back to the Immortal Geisha forums

I don't know if anyone at the Immortal Geisha forums have noticed but I haven't been online for quite a while. No, I definitely haven't left the site! I really want to get back to posting there but it's just that I'm having problems and can't log in currently. It has been like this for a while now and I figured I could make it known here on my blog as well; I might have a few IG members reading this who could maybe help me out...

The thing is that I changed my password and email on IG, because I still had my older email on the IG account and I barely use said old email anymore. When you do this your account seemingly gets deactivated (wish I had known before!) until someone checks your new information and reactivates your account and, well, it has been over one month and nothing has happened yet. I contacted an IG forum member over at deviantArt and asked if she could spread the word to the site responsible or someone, but seemingly she hasn't got an answer yet. I even sent an email to the IG membership help address but I've got no reply there either and this was back on early April. :'( It feels like it has been forever.
I really miss being at the IG forums, I wish I would get my account reactivated soon...

Shiro Samurai out.


  1. Hi! I'm contacting admins for you through IG message boards. You could try and send them another email, explaining how long you've waited, old password/email, new password/email. When I activated my account, the original plea for checking my "non-bot-ness" was deleted by accident, but it was resolved after an email.

    1. Thanks for your help! Please inform me if you get an answer.
      I just sent another email to immortalgeishamembership at gmail dot com, I hope someone would answer me. I miss you all guys! ;_;

  2. just found out about your plight today! D: has there still been no progress? -Sakura2CB

    1. Hello!

      Sadly it seems that nothing has happened. :( Or at least I assume so because neither Lumikettu nor siren10101 (deviantArt name, can't remember if it was the same on IG) has contacted me back about any progress yet.


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