Jun 29, 2014

No news regarding IG forums + weirdly hard geta search


Hmm, seemingly there is no news regarding my IG forums problem yet. :/ My emails to the IG membership help adress have gone unanswered too (the one I sent on 3rd June). I guess I can't do so much more than wait and hope that something happens.. eventually. I don't have much more to say about this matter; I just keep hoping that something would happen because the IG boards are a huge source of inspiration for me and motivation to wear kimono.

I've been experiencing a kimono rut too as of lately; I can't seem to find the time/inspiration to dress up and take photos. Sorry guys! Then again, the lack of access to the IG forums plays a part as well as the summer anime con season; my cosplay blog is blooming during this time of year and it's not the easiest to keep several blogs equally active. Speaking of which I recently put together a cosplay consisting of only authentic kimono items so I guess I could link the post in here too in case someone missed it: kimono!Gakupo cosplay from Vocaloid. There's more kimono outfits on my cosplay blog so you peeps can go peek in there when this kimono blog has a slower course, if you want.

But I should mention that for some time now I've been looking for these very basic geta shoes; you know, those plain wooden ones with two teeth and most commonly black hanao. I don't know why but now when I actually search for them with the intention to buy a pair I can't for the life of me find any that would fit me and be in a price-range that my wallet can swallow, gaah! It's so typical, I swear. xD My luck is so beautiful...


  1. Hi, I've sent two message to admins, but received no reply. People are wondering and contacting the admins and mods to get you back to IG, but it seems our mods are taking a holiday. I'm not 100% sure who's running the forums anymore, as one mod is taking a hiatus and one has retired all together. We're trying.

    1. Thank you all of you for helping, really. <3
      Yeah at some point I suspected there might be a holiday behind but in that case the holiday has been since April something..? Oh, I didn't know about the mod changes but I hope something will happen soon. Thank you for all the help, I'm sorry for being a bother. ;A;


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