Jul 21, 2014

It's too hot to do kitsuke!

Hello all!

Lately it has started getting really warm up here in northern Sweden where I live and by warm I mean warm, at least if you take into account how high up in the country I reside and what temperatures I'm used to having here. We're reaching minimum 25 °C or something and it will only get warmer this week, maybe even to 30 °C!
I'm one of those guys who just can't stand heat; I start feeling slow, out of energy and occasionally slightly sick because of high heat and I just can't get myself to do anything productive whatsoever. It's definitely too hot to do any kind of kitsuke just looking at my kimono box under my bed makes me sweat. I would get grilled alive under the layers!
I can barely survive inside my apartment in everyday western wear currently and that's with the fan blowing at full power 24/7. I'm breathing inside a toast box directly from Hell, in other words. I think about buying ice cream all the time... </3
At best I can maybe manage to wear one of my yukata, but even that is if I wear it sloppily and with a can't-be-bothered obi (read: heko obi). Well, that's actually what I did today...

Photo proof!
Yeah I know, I look so lively not and my hair looks like nothing because I couldn't be bothered to style it. Blegh. But hey, even with yukata on I need to go wipe my face, arms and stuff with water every now and then.. or at least spray water on me. Ikea gardener spray bottles are surprisingly useful! Gah, I want winter back...! OTL