Aug 7, 2014

Immortal Geisha forums closing down

Hi everyone, I'll make this quick!

I've finally gotten my account at the IG forums reactivated (thanks for the help!) but on the same run I learnt about the sad fact that the forums will be closing down to read-only at the end of this month. :'(
It's very sad but I understand the admin's reasons so I'm not bitter or anything; time changes and life happens. At least our dear IG will go out while still shining in gold and all the massive amount of knowledge in there will be kept so that people can read it. I'd be even more sad if it was completely wiped off the face of internet but luckily that's not the case, I can live with this.
I'm really grateful for all the time I got to spend in the forums; I befriended a bunch of lovely people, gained a lot of kimono knowledge and got some fond memories along the way! I really loved the warm and welcoming community. I bow to IG forums and thank for everything. m(_ _)m
Luckily there is now at least a Facebook group out there for us so we can continue showing off our kimono coordinations, chat about anything and everything, show our newest purchases etc!

Let's stay together kimono fans!! <3


  1. Why did IG forums close down? I can't believe it. :( At least it will be available read-only - better than no IG at all.

    1. Long story short - Admin didn't really have time anymore (busy life etc) and it wasn't possible to move the forum care and maintenance to someone else, for various reasons.

  2. What a shame. Thanks for filling me in on the details. =)


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