Sep 29, 2014

More hand-me-down surprises!

Hello hello!

Remember the last post about the hand-me-down clothes that I got, which included geta shoes? Well, turns out it wasn't the only kimono related thing that was in the black bags! :D You see, several days after I first saw the geta I went through all the stuff thoroughly and then in one of the bags the one with the more formal-ish western wear I found something long and narrow packed in a plastic bag, with a hanger on. It quickly hit me that said shape could in no way be a suit jacket or such, so I took it out and then it became obvious it was a yukata! Wohoo!
Together with it came two black obi an usual kaku obi and one of those pre-tied ones. Not like I understand why anyone would need men's obi pre-tied but oh well. xD The yukata is mainly black with thin white stripes as well so yeah, there's definitely a lot of black going on. It seems to be in almost new condition as well, maybe not even worn more than once!

Yukata and the two different obi.
Yukata pattern close-up.
It seems to be one of these modern yukata that come in S, M, L and LL sizes etc. Seems to be at least partly machine sewn as well. This one is L size (tends to average around 144 cm I think) and so for a moment I was worried that it would be a bit too long for me I pretty much always wear M on these kind of "modern sized" kimono. I did try it on quickly and noticed that it was no problems, yesh!

Wait, you're expecting something, right?

I'm sorry but there won't be any kitsuke pics yet; I kind of forgot to take any when I quickly tried it on and after that there was a lot of stuff going on.. and I caught a flu. D: I've been sick for around one week but it's finally getting better now; I'll try to get kitsuke pics with all the new freebie stuff as soon as I've completely recovered stay tuned!